Adopting more sustainable consumption patterns is the responsibility of all citizens. But for this shift to be effective and for individuals to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, the full participation of educated and motivated citizens is crucial. 


Sustainable UN is a system wide effort to enable the UN and other public organisations to achieve climate neutrality and sustainability by 2020.


UNEP supports sustainable public procurement by facilitating consensus, fostering information exchange and providing practical tools as a means of integrating sustainable development considerations in procurement at all levels.


Voluntary standards, labels, product declarations, collectively named sustainability information tools, identify products according to their environmental and social attributes.


Events and Highlights

Asia eco-innovation experts highlight need for eco-entrepreneurial spirit










 Third RECP Global Conference
 Montreux, Switzerland
 2-6 September 2013










 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 20 - 22 June 2012

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APELL - Accident Preparedness
RECP - Resource Efficient Cleaner Production
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