Capability Maturity Model for Business & Industry

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is about communication and training on organization of life cycle management in global value chains. How can knowledge about product sustainability be built up and disseminated among business partners – and how can the individual players including SMEs - reach a higher level of knowledge. The Life cycle Initiative has established two phases for the implementation of the activities towards CMM is product chains involving suppliers. A proof of concept study gathered feedback from companies to refine a capability self- assessment questionnaire.

The Life Cycle Initiative drafted a workbook to help suppliers conduct assessments, and interpret results to develop improvement plans. The implementation and validation steps have been launched in 2012 with the participation companies and their global suppliers.

The objective is to demonstrate the usefulness to suppliers in developing effective improvement plans and to evaluate integration of the framework with existing supply chain management programs and initiatives of the global customers.

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