UNEP Publications

Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases - A Basis for Greener Processes and Products (2011, English, 158 pages)
Richtlijnen voor de Sociale Levenscyclus-Analyse van Producten (2011, Dutch, 108 pages)
Towards a Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment - Making informed choices on products (2011, English, 66 pages)
Corporate Water Accounting - An analysis of methods and tools for measuring water use and its impacts (2010, English, 60 pages)
Recycling: From E-waste to Resources (2010, English, 93 pages)
Lignes directrices pour l'analyse sociale du cycle de vie des produits (2009, French, 103 pages)
Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products (2009, English, 104 pages)
Life Cycle Management - How business uses it to decrease footprint, create opportunities and make value chains more sustainable (2009, English, 48 pages)
Critical Metals for Future Sustainable Technologies and their Recycling Potential (2009, English, 84 pages)
Communication of Life Cycle Information in the Building and Energy Sectors (2008, English, 180 pages)
Life Cycle Management: A business guide to sustainability (2007, English, 48 pages)
Life Cycle Approaches - The road from analysis to practice (2005, English, 80 pages)
Why Take a Life Cycle Approach? (Japanese version) (2004, Japanese, 28 pages)
Why Take a Life Cycle Approach? (Chinese version) (2004, Chinese, 28 pages)
¿Por qué adoptar un enfoque de ciclo de vida? (2004, Spanish, 28 pages)
Pourquoi l'approche du cycle de vie ? (2004, French, 28 pages)
Why Take a Life Cycle Approach? (2004, English, 24 pages)
Evaluation of Environmental Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment (2003, English, 96 pages)
Towards a Global Use of Life Cycle Assessment (1999, English, 71 pages)