Environment Alerts

Assessment and early warning information on resource scarcities and impacts focusing on different sectors and critically affected countries. The Global Environment Alert Service (GEAS) is instrumental in identifying hot-spot areas and providing scientifically sound alerts, while also supporting resource mapping and scenario analysis to help prioritize RE challenges. The latest science and the identification of emerging issues and trends is to inform and draw from the International Resource Panel, Green Economy initiative, UNEP Year Book and Global Environment Outlook process and disseminated to relevant policy for a to consider RE policy implications.

Information is drawn from existing and new data and indicators and as well as new and real-time information from scientific journals and other sources, to generate timely actionable environmental alerts on resource scarcities in critical regions and countries. Electronic linkages of targeted datasets will be established, as well as indicators and scientific information sources to the Global Environmental Alert Service for efficient and accurate generation of alerts. Alerts are generated in the form of emails, briefs and outlooks, graphics, and maps as resource scarcities emerge based on authoritative sources. Prior to release, alerts and other early warning information will be reviewed by an expert group to ensure quality and relevance as well as assess the potential market implications of such information products. Alerts will be disseminated to targeted audiences, partners, and governing bodies at the regional and global levels respectively.