Supply Chain Management

Managing supply chains for sustainability

There is a growing awareness and pressure for improvements in corporate responsibility standards within the Information and Communications Technology supply chain. Managing a supply chain for social responsibility includes consideration of purchasing and procurement policies as well as of supplier management. Using recognised standards, codes and regulations, including the ETI, EICC, SA 8000, OSHSAS 18000, and ISO 14001, UNEP is working with the Global E-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) to develop and deploy tools and processes to measure, monitor, and improve supply chain corporate responsibility performance across the ICT sector.

The Electronics-Tool for Accountable Supply Chains (E-TASC) is one such tool. The E-TASC tool gives companies the information they need to improve supply sustainability by facilitating the collection, aggregation, and maintenance of relevant supply chain corporate social responsibility data. Developed in partnership with GeSI's Supply Chain Working Group, the E-TASC tool helps open dialogue throughout supply chains by providing a common language and avenue of communication to build awareness and promote cooperation and capability.