The Building Blocks | The Steps | The SCP Programme Development Process

The information here is a summarised presentation of UNEP's report "Planning for Change: Guidelines for National Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production". It provides a description of the Building Blocks that are common elements of national sustainable consumption and production (SCP) programmes, describing some of the key benefits of the process. It points to a need to understand and encourage linkages between the array of existing national level policy mechanisms and offers guidance on managing the critical processes involved in developing a SCP programme. It also provides a summary of the Steps that are the basic tasks normally involved in preparing a national SCP programme.

These Guidelines are designed to be flexible enough to provide assistance to experts regardless of their preferred approach to SCP. A country that already has a SCP programme can use the Guidelines to help test, improve and sustain the process. A defined or "blueprint" approach for national SCP programmes is neither possible nor desirable. What is important is the ongoing application of the underlying principles and elements of SCP programmes. In many cases this will indeed result in progression through the SCP programme cycle.