Awareness-raising and capacity-building

The UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Initiative is creating a new culture of sustainable consumption among young people around the world with the support of its educational materials, website and awareness-raising and capacity-building activities implemented worldwide.

Since its creation in 2001, UNEP, UNESCO and YouthXchange partners have implemented numerous awareness-raising, capacity-building and training activities in all corners of the world related to sustainable consumption and lifestyles. These activities are aimed at engaging young people on understanding sustainable consumption and exploring ways to address environmental challenges through adopting sustainable consumption habits and more sustainable lifestyles. These activities also involve educators, teachers and trainers, policy-makers and the media, all of whom work with young people at the local and national levels. In the past 10 years, various capacity-building and awareness-raising activities have taken place in:

These activities range from media campaigns involving national celebrities in the Philippines to regional youth workshops on sustainable consumption in Latin America. Click on the different regions for more detailed information on some of the YouthXchange activities.

If you’d like to be a partner of the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Initiative and adapt and translate its publications or use YouthXchange materials to support your work with young people, please visit the Contacts and Partners page for more information.