Since 2001, UNEP and UNESCO have been developing publications to help inform and educate young people on sustainable consumption and lifestyles.

Thematic YouthXchange Guidebooks

YouthXchange guidebook series: Green skills and lifestyles (2016)

YouthXchange guidebook series: Biodiversity and lifestyles (2015)

YouthXchange biodiveristy and lifestyles guidebook - Communications Brochure (2012)

YouthXchange green skills and lifestyles guidebook – Communications Brochure (2012)

YouthXchange climate change and lifestyles guidebook – Communications Brochure(2011)

  YouthXchange climate change and lifestyles guidebook (2011): This guidebook focuses on the challenges, opportunities and good practices of climate change. It is the first in a series of thematic guidebooks. This series is produced for young people and people working with young people, educators, teachers, trainers and youth leaders around the world. It explores the links between climate change and lifestyles and helps young people consider the actions they might take towards more sustainable lifestyles

Regional YouthXchange Guidebooks

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YouthXchange Training Kit on Responsible Consumption

YouthXchange training kit on responsible consumption (2008)
This is a train the trainer tool that aims to promote sustainable consumption patterns among young people worldwide. The kit provides statistics, case studies, games, examples of real companies going more sustainable, and direction on how explain sustainable lifestyles to a young audience. The topics are tackled under youth-oriented headings: clothing, leisure, travels, underground culture, experiences of other young people etc.

KidsXchange publications developed in English:
In 2010, a YouthXchange partner in Japan, Hakuhodo Japan, with the support of Nippon Express Co. Ltd, developed two “KidsXchange” training kits: one for teachers and one for students – an adaptation of the YouthXchange training kit on responsible consumption for elementary school students. Please note that this is not an official UN publication and the sole responsibility of the contents of this publication lies with the partner.

KidsXchange for students
KidsXchange for teachers

Adapted and translated guidebooks into different languages

UNEP invites interested parties (organizations, ministries, institutions etc) to adapt, translate and widely disseminate any of its YouthXchange publication. Contact us for more information. UNEP, as the publisher of the original text in English, provides the permission for undertaking any adaptations and translations of YouthXchange publications. The contents of these adapted/translation publications are the sole responsibility of the YouthXchange partners that are involved.

The YouthXchange training kit on responsible consumption has been adapted to various countries and is available in the following languages:

  1. Arabic: (2005) (2010)
  2. Azeri: (2010) UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - dayanıqlı həyat t ərzlərinə doğru: məsuliyyətli
  3. Basque Castellano: (2005) UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Jóvenes por el Cambio: Manual de educación para un consumo sostenible
  4. Basque Euskara: (2005UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Gazteak aldaketaren alde: Kontsumo iraunkorrerako hezkuntzako esku-liburua
  5. Catalan: (2004) UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Eines per a un Consum Responsable: Cap a Estils de Vida Sostenibles
  6. Chinese: (2005) (2011)
  7. Filipino: (2009UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange: tungo sa sustenableng pamumuhay - training kit para sa responsableng pagkonsumo - ANG GABAY
  8. Flemish: (2004UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Informatiebrochure Over Verantwoordelijk Verbruiken: De Weg Naar Duurzame Levensstijlen
  9. French: (2005UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Kit de Formation sur la Consommation Durable: Ecologie et Styles de Vie
  10. German: (2010UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Auf dem Weg zu nachhaltigen Lebensstilen: Schulungsmaterial für verantwortungsbewussten Konsum – DAS HANDBUCH
  11. Greek: (2009)
  12. Hungarian: (2005UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Képzési Csomag a Felelos Fogyasztásról: Útmutató egy fenntarthatóbb élethez
  13. Italian: (2005UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Kit Didattico Sul Consumo Responsabile: Verso Stili di Vita Sostenibili
  14. Korean: (2005) (2010)
  15. Norwegian: (2005) UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange en verktøykasse for ansvarlig forbruk: mot en bærekraftig livsstil
  16. Portuguese: (2003UNEP/UNESCO Jovens rumo à Mudança - Kit de Formação para o Consumo Sustentável: A Caminho de Estilos de Vida Sustentáveis
  17. Slovenian: (2007UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Izobraževalni Prirocnik za Odgovorno Potrošnjo: k trajnostnemu nacinu življenja
  18. Spanish: (2004) UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Manual de Educación para un Consumon Sostenible: Jóvenes por el Cambio
  19. Spanish for Argentina: (2009UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange - Manuel de Educacion para un Consumo Responsable
  20. Spanish for Mexico: (2004) UNEP/UNESCO JóvenesXel Cambio: Por un Consumo Sustentable en México - Hacia Estilos de Vida Sustantable
  21. Turkish: (2009)
  22. Vietnamese: (2012)

The YouthXchange Climate Change and Lifestyles Guidebook
has been adapted to various countries and is available in the following languages:

Vietnamese: YouthXchange - Bộ sách Hướng dẫn về Phong cách Sống và Biến đổi Khí hậu (2014)

Spanish for Peru: YouthXchange - Manuel Cambio Climatico y Estilos de Vida (2014)

Additional relevant publications:

Youth, Sustainable Consumption Patterns and Lifestyles (2001)
This report is framed around the UNEP/UNESCO worldwide survey on the consumption patterns of young people in 24 countries. It attempts to understand some preliminary youth attitudes towards consumption, and evaluates the potential role of young people in a transition towards sustainable consumption lifestyles.

Is the Future Yours? (2001)
The report of the UNEP/UNESCO world-wide survey in 2000 on youth attitudes towards sustainable consumption explained in a youth-friendly format.