Communicating with Stakeholders

Communications is a key part of the strategy to make the United Nations more sustainable. Reporting on our progress to our stakeholders is essential in maintaining the organizations commitments to transparency and leadership.

The publication, in 2009, of the greenhouse gas emissions of all UN agencies marks a significant step in improving our communications on this agenda. However, we also need to demonstrate how we plan to reduce our emissions and share our experiences in improving the overall efficiency of the organisation.

There are a number of different ways in which the sustainability performance of different UN agencies can be communicated, including:

  • A page on each agency website highlighting what's happening to improve the sustainability of the organisation
  • Information in each agency annual report about its sustainability management
  • Stories on agency websites, in press releases and in speeches on their ambitions, targets and performance
  • A full sustainability report, using GRI or another external tool
  • Internal communications to staff on what the agency is doing. SUN will be working with all UN agencies to encourage better communications of our sustainability performance.

In 2010 SUN will also launch a new website which will bring together all current information on 'greening the UN' and provide information for anyone interested in the UN's performance on this agenda.

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