The environmental footprint of meetings, from large to small, is gaining increasing attention world-wide. Whether it's the Olympic Games or a village festival, events have environmental and social impacts which can and should be reduced.

The United Nations, with its many international and regional activities, is perhaps one of the most active organizers of events and meetings in the world - from the General Assembly in New York to small groups of experts gathering for a workshop.

The UNEP Green Meetings Guide aims at providing convincing arguments and practical guidance to staff within United Nations who are responsible for designing and organising meetings. It focuses on the most common type of meetings: small and medium sized meetings with up to 200 participants.

The Green Meeting Guide comes in two sections:

Section 1: Green meetings: what to know
Provides information about why meetings should be more sustainable

Section 2: Green meetings: what to do
Provides information on how to run a green meeting - from getting the approval of your manager, to running it on the day.

The guide is the result of collaboration with the International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications and was authored by the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives.

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