Travel and transport includes the travel of staff, meeting participants and experts, as well as the transport of supplies and different forms of aid around the world.

Travel and transport are central to the role of the UN in being an effective organization. But they also constitutes the single largest source of greenhouse gases across the UN, sometimes up to 90% of the total emissions of an individual agency.

Reducing the effectiveness of the UN system is not an option. However, there are opportunities to improve our efficiency, both by reducing the amount we travel, and by improving the way we travel through more efficient travel planning.

The Sustainable United Nations team is working across all UN agencies to find solutions to our many travel and transport related challenges. Such solutions should reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, costs and personal stress caused by travel, whilst also ensuring we continue to deliver essential services.

At the end of 2009 SUN will publish a guidance manual for sustainable travel. The team is also working with the Inter-Agency Travel Network (IATN) to review existing travel regulations, and to recommend changes that would improve our travel for people, planet and pocket. Lastly, SUN has established a sustainable travel help desk where organizations can seek advice on specific aspects of improving the sustainability of travel.

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