Vision and Objectives

The mission of the Sustainable United Nation team is to enable the UN and other public organisations to achieve climate neutrality and sustainability by 2020.

For 2010-2012 SUN's key objectives are:

  1. To ensure that all United Nations agencies monitor their environmental impacts, establish targets to reduce them and report on progress.
    It is well known that we only manage what we measure. To that end it's important that the United Nations is clear about its current performance, and set targets to improve it.
  2. To ensure that the United Nations rules and procedures deliver improved efficiencies and sustainability.
    It is essential that sustainability is embedded in the organisation's working practices and supported by the administrative system.
  3. To ensure staff understand what's happening, why and how they can contribute.
    This strand of work is designed to encourage and enable staff to get involved in making the United Nations a more sustainable organisation.  

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