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News and Press Releases

First International Forum on Sustainable Lifestyles Seeks to Accelerate Transition to Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns
The forum also looks to find ways around barriers to change by sharing knowledge and experiences, and showcasing initiatives across many areas.

Leading Scientists and Policymakers Gather to Chart Path for Energy Efficient Future
Targeted energy efficiency measures have the potential to reduce global energy related emissions by 1.5 Gt in 2020 and generate US$ 250-325 billion worth of savings per year

Applications for the 2015 SEED Awards Now Open
The 2015 Awards will focus on start-up enterprises working at the grassroots level

Students from France, Mexico and United Kingdom Recognized for Taking up Fight against Food Waste
Research shows that at least one-third, or 1.3 billion tonnes, of food produced each year is lost or wasted - an amount corresponding to over 1.4 billion hectares of cropland

UNEP-Coordinated Coalition Aims to Support Climate Change Fight through Measuring Emission Reductions from Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Projects
Global Shift to Energy Efficiency and Renewables Could Save Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Each Year.

Rethinking How We Live, How We Buy and What We Consume
New Programme Aims to Balance Equitable Lifestyles with Environmental Well-being

Global Efficient Lighting Forum Convened to Address Accelerated Transition to  Advanced Lighting Technologies
Switch to Efficient Lighting Worldwide Would Result in Savings of US$120 Billion Annually