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News and Press Releases

Global Efficient Lighting Forum Convened to Address Accelerated Transition to  Advanced Lighting Technologies
Switch to Efficient Lighting Worldwide Would Result in Savings of US$120 Billion Annually

Governments Commit to Step up Action for Migratory Animals at UN Wildlife Conference
Polar Bear, Cuvier's Beaked Whale, Hammerhead Shark and Reef Manta Ray among Migratory Species Benefiting from Greater International Protection

New Global Alliance for Energy-Efficient Appliances and Equipment Launched
Latin American and Caribbean Countries Could Save Over 10 per cent in Electricity Consumption Worldwide Transition to Energy-Efficient Products Would Save US$350 Billion Annually

Coalition of 96 Partners Steps Up Ambition for Climate Action
CCAC approves five major action plans to present at the UN Secretary-General's Summit, funds a new urban health initiative, and extends its mandate by five years, to 2022

Ahead of Summit, UN Headquarters Complex Becomes Canvas Inspiring Action on Climate Change
The inspiring display included a 3 minute solutions segment with the photographic works of UNEP Good-Will Ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand, telling the story of climate change.

No 'Plan B' for Climate Action, SG Says
The People's Climate March is campaigning, amongst other issues for curbs on harmful carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.

Caribbean's Largest Small Island Developing State Charts New Pathway to a Sustainable Future
Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw, UNEP's Deputy Executive Director Visits Cuba for the first time to meet Authorities in Wake of Third International Conference on SIDS