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First-Ever Global Standard to Measure Food Loss and Waste Introduced by International Partnership
New international framework launched to empower businesses, governments, and other organizations to measure, report on and manage food loss and waste An estimated one-third of all food is lost or wasted worldwide as it moves from where it is produced to where it is eaten, even as more than 800 mil... See full story

Credit Ratings Embrace More Systematic Consideration of Environmental and Social Governance
Strong support from fixed income investors fuels momentum

Top 12 Ways World Can End Hunger, Stem Environmental Damage from Food Systems
Latest IRP report lists 12 ways to use natural resources more efficiently, improve human health and reduce the environmental damage caused by food systems

Toxic Crops and Zoonotic Disease: UNEP Identifies the Emerging Environmental Issues of Our Time
New report goes behind the headlines to examine some of the most worrying emerging environmental threats facing the world today, while offering ways to combat them

China and India's GDP Will Be Hit Hardest by Global Food Price Shock
Report published by UNEP and Global Footprint Network ranks countries on the economic risks they face from a hike in food prices

UNEP Executive Director Joins G7 Environment Ministers Meeting in Japan
Mr. Steiner joined UNEP International Resource Panel's Co-Chair, Janez Potočnik and lead report author Paul Ekin in presenting the summary of a report on resource efficiency to G7 Environment Ministers

Increased resource efficiency could help cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 74%, says new study
Increased resource efficiency can also lead to economic gains