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News and Press Releases

Panama Resumes Efforts to Cut Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation with Renewed Focus on Rights of Indigenous Communities
The programme was suspended in March 2013, following complaints by the National Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples in Panama (COONAPIP) that it did not show sufficient consideration to the rights of indigenous communities.

Airports Ask Travelers to Think.Eat.Save.
Major airports across the United States will be featuring the joint UNEP/FAO food waste campaign in the form of a new Public Service Announcement, which asks viewers to be more thoughtful about their holiday consumption and waste.

Atlas Shows Environmental Change in Vulnerable Arab Region
First Report of its Kind Uses Satellite Images to Track Land-use Change, Urban growth and Shrinking Water Bodies

Placing Economic Value on Africa's Natural Resources
African Ministers and Experts Spotlight Efforts to Incorporate Natural Wealth Accounting in Development Planning

New Report Offers Menu of Solutions to Close the  Global Food Gap
Actions Needed to Improve Food Production and Consumption to Close the Projected 70 Percent Gap by 2050

Stricter Regulations Required to Reap Benefits from China's Green Investments New report highlights country's leading role in renewable energy
China has made significant investments in industrial energy efficiency, which resulted in a 19 percent reduction in energy intensity per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between 2006 and 2010.

'We Have The Power' to make a difference
UNEP and Magnum unite to showcase initiatives on sustainable energy for all

Leading Global Finance Institutions Come Together to Finance the Future We Want
Acknowledging Urgent Need for Action, Financiers and Policymakers Turn Spotlight on Sustainable Financial System

Climate Technology Centre and Network Ready to Assist Developing Countries
Facility Focuses on Technology Transfer to Developing Nations in Order to Reduce Emissions and Improve Resilience to Impacts of Climate Change

Caring for Climate Hosts Inaugural Business Forum to Co-Create Climate Change Solutions
For first time, chief executives will join top Government officials to share solutions, commitments and plans towards climate action at COP, on the road to a 2015 global climate agreement

Africa Climate Adaptation Costs Could Soar  to USD $350 Billion Annually by 2070 if Warming Hits 3.5-4°C  UN Report
Additional Adaptation Funding Imperative to Control Damage and Build Resilience 4 Degree World May Spell Extinction for Africa's Coral Reefs