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News and Press Releases

Climate Change, Water Shortages, Biodiversity Loss, will have Growing Impacts on Global Business: UN Report
Adapting to Changing Environment and Seizing Green Economy Opportunities will Give Companies Competitive Advantage

Teenage Environmentalists Awarded for Innovative Green Projects
Teams of high school students from across the world have been rewarded for their efforts to tackle environmental challenges in their communities.

Principles for Sustainable Insurance Create Largest Collaboration Between UN and Insurance Industry
World's insurers publicly disclose progress in implementing global principles a year after launch at UN Conference on Sustainable Development

UNCCD Announces 2013 Winners of Land for Life Award
Top sustainable land management prize totaling USD 100,000 goes to development organizations in India, Mexico and Australia

UNEP Executive Director Emphasizes Environmental Education as Key Driver of Knowledge and Empowerment
Environmental education is about knowledge and empowerment. The knowledge and power to understand, the knowledge and power to make connections

Food Waste in Focus at Major Landmarks for World Environment Day
A new video being screened to hundreds of thousands of tourists and passers-by in Times Square, New York, and Piccadily Circus in London, highlights the need to reduce the 1.3 billion tonnes of food lost or wasted each year.

PlanetSolar drops anchor in Miami Beach and begins the "DeepWater" scientific expedition on the Gulf Stream
The Planet Solar mission will allow researchers from the University of Geneva to take advantage of the exclusive features of the largest solar boat in the world to conduct a unique campaign of physical and biological measurements along the Gulf Stream.

Cutting Food Loss and Waste will Benefit People and the Environment, Says New Study on World Environment Day
More than half of the food lost and wasted in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia occurs at the consumption stage.

UN and Mongolia Announce Major Partnership during World Environment Day
Mongolia is developing policies on sustainable mining, renewable energy and ecotourism that will place it on a green development path

Smallholder Farmers Key to Lifting Over One Billion People Out of Poverty
Backing and Enabling Smallholders Can Unleash New and Sustainable Agricultural Revolution

Mongolian Gold Miners Put Health before Wealth
Inside the compound, which is surrounded by stark hills and grassy plains dotted with grazing horses and cattle, sits one of only a few mercury-free processing facilities in the country.