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News and Press Releases

PlanetSolar drops anchor in Miami Beach and begins the "DeepWater" scientific expedition on the Gulf Stream
The Planet Solar mission will allow researchers from the University of Geneva to take advantage of the exclusive features of the largest solar boat in the world to conduct a unique campaign of physical and biological measurements along the Gulf Stream.

Cutting Food Loss and Waste will Benefit People and the Environment, Says New Study on World Environment Day
More than half of the food lost and wasted in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia occurs at the consumption stage.

UN and Mongolia Announce Major Partnership during World Environment Day
Mongolia is developing policies on sustainable mining, renewable energy and ecotourism that will place it on a green development path

Smallholder Farmers Key to Lifting Over One Billion People Out of Poverty
Backing and Enabling Smallholders Can Unleash New and Sustainable Agricultural Revolution

Mongolian Gold Miners Put Health before Wealth
Inside the compound, which is surrounded by stark hills and grassy plains dotted with grazing horses and cattle, sits one of only a few mercury-free processing facilities in the country.

In Host Country Mongolia, World Marathon Record Holder Patrick Makau Kicks Off World Environment Day 2013 Celebrations
Following some traditional Mongolian throat-singing and a rousing performance by a military brass band on the starting line, Kenya's Patrick Makau - the marathon world record holder - officially launched the Ulaanbaatar Marathon today as part of festivities leading up to World Environment Day (WED)... See full story

Globe Gears Up For World Environment Day Celebrations
Mongolia Hosting Day Aimed at Reducing Food Waste as Events Take Place across the World

GEO-5  the UN's Most Comprehensive Study of the Global Environment - Now Available in Spanish
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has today launched a Spanish version of its flagship report, the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-5).

UNEP Launches Knowledge and Cooperation Platform for a Sustainable Future
"Doing More and Better with Less" Just One Click Away

Traditional Cultures Can Show Wasteful World How to Preserve Food
Ahead of World Environment Day, UNEP Showcases Methods such as Condensing Cows, Storing Seabirds in Sealskins and Freeze-Drying Potatoes in the Open Air

November Date for Global Event on Natural Capital
The World Forum on Natural Capital will take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 21-22 November 2013.