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News and Press Releases

UN Calls for Accelerated Action with 1,000 Days to Go on Millennium Development Goals
People around the world invited to join in boosting momentum for most successful global anti-poverty push in history

Top 10 of the 2013 Blogging Competition Announced
The WED Blogging Competition - organized by UNEP and Tree Hugger - has been running since 2010. Previous winners traveled to Rwanda, India and Brazil to report on WED activities.

Priorities for Global Development Agenda Shaped by Unprecedented Public Outreach Effort
The United Nations teams in Member States are making sure that groups usually absent from participation in global processes are consulted on what they see as priorities for development of their communities.

UN Deputy Secretary-General Launches Call for Action to End Crisis of 2.5 Billion People without Basic Sanitation
The call to action aims to focus on improving hygiene, changing social norms, better managing human waste and waste-water, and, by 2025, completely eliminating the practice of open defecation, which perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and entrenched poverty.

Factoring Natural Capital into Bottom Line is Key to Future Viability, say Companies in TEEB For Business Study
The findings come from a new study released by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Business coalition.

UN Secretary-General Urges Greater Protection for World's Forests
Mr. Ban noted that there are several threats to this ecosystem as urbanization and large-scale agriculture can exacerbate the rate of forest and biodiversity loss.

Role of Environment in Tackling Poverty in Focus at Discussion on Post-2015 Global Development Priorities
Current efforts to develop what is known as the 'post-2015 development agenda' include almost 100 national consultations in UN member states, as well as 11 thematic consultations on issues such as food security, access to water, and poverty reduction.

GA Approves Establishment of UN Environment Assembly  in Support of the Strengthening and Upgrade of UNEP
The newly-named United Nations Environment Assembly of UNEP reflects the full and future participation of all 193 UN member states in UNEP's governing body. Prior to 2012, membership had been limited to 58 countries only.

CITES Takes Action to Halt Decline of Tropical Timber, Sharks and other Species
55 proposals accepted, 9 rejected and 6 withdrawn. Strong enforcement measures to fight wildlife crime also adopted. Next meeting will be held in South Africa in 2016

Growing Demand for Medicinal Plants Can Create Green Jobs for Nepal's Poor
Over 100 types of medicinal plants are harvested in Nepal and traded abroad. The sector offers major opportunities for sustainable development.

Biodiversity-Based Business in Peru Can Power Green Economy: UNEP Study
Goods and services derived from biodiversity in Peru have grown by 20 per cent in the last five years.