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UNEP Executive Director Joins G7 Environment Ministers Meeting in Japan
Mr. Steiner joined UNEP International Resource Panel's Co-Chair, Janez Potočnik and lead report author Paul Ekin in presenting the summary of a report on resource efficiency to G7 Environment Ministers

Increased resource efficiency could help cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 74%, says new study
Increased resource efficiency can also lead to economic gains

World's Top Sustainability Experts Meet to Rethink Consumption, Production Patterns to Reshape Economies
UNEP Chief joins top environmental experts to discuss ways of accelerating progress on SDGs through sustainable consumption and production

"We have the power": UNEP Awards Winners of the International Children's Painting Competition
The theme of this years competition - "We have the power!" - inspired thousands of young artists around the world to share their visions of how renewable energy can be harnessed for the wellbeing of people on the planet.

UN Credits Used to Make Paris Agreement Signing Climate Neutral
Everyone Can Go Climate Neutral Now