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News and Press Releases

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Widening as Nations Head to Crucial Climate Talks in Doha
Keeping Average Global Temperature Rise to Below 2°C Still Achievable, with Potentially Big Cuts Possible from Buildings, Transportation and Avoided Deforestation - But Time Running Out

Risks to Sovereign Bonds Posed by Overuse of Natural Resources Need Greater Attention, says New Report
Natural Resource Risk Profiles Calculated for Five Pilot Countries

Press Conference: New UN Report to Highlight Risks to Sovereign Bonds Posed by Degradation of Natural Resources
Launch of 'E-RISC' Report: Environmental Risk in Sovereign Credit

Press Conference: As Nations Head to Climate COP in Qatar Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Wider than Previously Thought, says UN Study
UN Report Measures Growing Gulf between Current Pledges and Reductions Needed to Meet Key Climate Targets

Swedish Duo Win First Place in Climate and Clean Air Coalition Film Contest
Wallace and Gromit-Style Video Spells Out Urgency to Act on Soot to Methane

New Constitution, Public Opinion Give Kenya Unique Opportunity to Reverse Deforestation that Costs Economy US$70 Million Each Year
Natural Capital Can Serve as Vibrant Engine for Sustainable Growth, Say Delegates at National Dialogue on Water Towers, Forests and Green Economy

The Global Garbage Crisis: No Time to Waste
UNEP-Hosted Global Partnership on Waste Management Answering Call as Municipal Waste to Grow to 2.2 Billion Tonnes per Year by 2025