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News and Press Releases

New Countries to Start Phase-Out of Inefficient Lighting, with Major Economic and Climate Benefits
Countries Agree to 2016 as Target Date for Transition to Efficient Lamps New Policy Status Map and National Assessments Highlight Huge Savings Potential

New Report Warns Ecological Foundations that Support Food Security Are Being Undermined
A Transition to a Green Economy Can Assist in Fast Tracking Food Security and More Diverse and Productive Landscapes

Sustainable Water Management is Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits, say Countries
Results of UN Survey of 130 Countries Provides In-Depth Status Report on Global Efforts to Improve Water Management

Animal Avatars Board UNEP's 'Green Train' with Launch of Sustainable Transport Campaign
Bus, Train, Metro and Carpooling Companies Join Forces to Show Role of Transport in a Green Economy

UN and Insurers Launch Global Insurance Principles to Propel Sustainable Development
Landmark principles create United Nations-backed global insurance industry initiative to support the development of a green economy and resilient communities

UNEP Launches Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities
Initiative will Focus on Resource Efficiency Measures to Achieve Sustainable Urban Development

Going Green: Pioneering Private Sector Already Embracing Sustainable Future
Rio+20 Opportunity to Deliver Transformational Policies to Fast Track Sustainability Across Corporate Sector

New Report Highlights Raft of Inspiring Examples of Transformative Actions by Cities and Local Governments
Policies Can Be Replicated and Upscaled to Help World Realize Green Economy, Says Report