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Rwanda's Model Green Village - a Sustainable Development Incarnation
Government policies, supported by a UNEP-UNDP Initiative lift a Rwandan village out of poverty through clean technology

African Universities See Wealth in Waste
Interview with Professor David Mungai, Deputy Director of the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies and member of the First University Consortium to tackle Solid Waste Management

Japan - Floating to a Clean Energy Future
A country struck by disaster harnesses the power of ocean winds to set sail for a brighter, greener future

A Renewable Energy Boom
This article was originally published byThe New York Times

Sugar sweetens the deal for renewable energy
Cogeneration of heat and power from sugarcane byproducts can help meet Africa's energy needs

Greening Peru's Economy
Integrating green growth into development policies can help countries promote the efficient and environmentally sound use of resources while boosting green jobs

Sharing the Waste, Sharing the Wealth
Uruguay uses the law to catalyze the transition to an inclusive green economy

Energy Efficiency Powers Latin America's Development
The region could save up to 10% in energy consumption by switching to cleaner technologies

Renewable Energy Investments: 
Major Milestones Reached,
New World Record Set
Coal and gas-fired generation attracted less than half as much capacity investment as renewables last year; Renewables added more to global energy generation capacity than all other technologies combined; For first time, developing world investments in renewables (up 19% in 2015) topped develope... See full story

A Blow for Coal, a Boom for Solar
India's Supreme Court Ruling puts the country on a green energy path