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News and Press Releases

Environment: Act Now or Face Costly Consequences, Warns OECD
As countries struggle with the immediate challenges of stretched public finances and high unemployment, they must not neglect the longer term. Action needs to be taken now to prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

UN-led Meeting Agrees on Priority Actions for Managing E-Waste in Africa
Pan-African Forum on E-Waste Underlines Green Economy Opportunities in E-Waste Sector

The Future We Want: 100 Days to Rio+20
The Green Economy: Does it include you?

Value Ecosystems - Not Just Crops - When Managing Water Use, says UN Report
Services provided by forests, mangroves and other ecosystems should be taken into account when managing water use, says a new report from UNEP. A broader view of water productivity will be needed if demands on water resources are to be met, and global food security ensured, argues the study.

Win a Date with History Video Contest to Find Speaker for Rio+20 Conference
13- to 30-Year-Olds Sought To Address World Leaders On Sustainability

UN Millennium Development Goal Drinking Water Target is Met
A UN report estimates that 92 per cent of the global population will have access to improved drinking water by 2015. But progress towards the Millennium Development Goal sanitation target still lags behind.

One Step Closer Towards Cleaner Cookstoves in Afghanistan
As part of a UNEP-supported project, metalsmiths, engineers and environmental experts are working with local villagers to design and test prototypes for cleaner cookstoves.