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News and Press Releases

G-20 can play key role in transition to global green economy, says UNEP chief
As governments prepare for the G20 summit in South Korea this week, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner says the event is an opportunity for countries to move towards a more sustainable global economy.

Extension of UNEP- Bayer Partnership on Youth and the Environment    Millions of Young People Engaged Worldwide
Through the partnership, UNEP and Bayer create opportunities for young people and children to expand and share their environmental knowledge and skills and to put into practice concrete environmental protection ideas.

'30 Ways in 30 Days' rolls out more solutions to climate change challenge
Week two of UNEP's "30 Ways in 30 Days" reveals how an investment of US$100,000 has improved vital reservoirs in Togo, the true environmental impact of the buildings we live and work in and how cleaner stoves are improving health and benefiting the environment.

Green economy and carbon market growth crucial for Africa's development
The African Carbon Asset Development Facility (ACAD) announced seven green financing projects today, following a successful second round of fundraising for Africa's green economy, at the African Bankers' Carbon Finance and Investment Forum.

From bamboo bikes to biomass briquettes: UNEP unveils SEED Award Winners
A Ugandan business that manufactures stationery from agricultural waste and a bamboo bicycle project in Ghana are among the 30 winners of the 2010 SEED Awards.

UNEP launches Young Environmental Journalist Award for Africa
Are you a young journalist with a passion for the environment? If so, then the United Nations wants to hear from you! The Young Environmental Journalist Award Africa is open to radio, television, print and online journalists aged 25 to 35 years from any African nation.

Nagoya 2010: Weighing up the risks and benefits of biofuels development
A joined-up approach to bioenergy development, one that balances greenhouse gas emissions with impacts on biodiversity, water and food security, is needed.

Nagoya 2010: Report puts economic value of nature on the global political radar
Losses of multi-trillion dollar-worth natural assets are being sustained worldwide every year, undermining economies, business prospects and opportunities to combat poverty.

Tree-planting campaign takes root in Africa
Hundreds of people from different walks of life - from young schoolchildren to army officials - are planting trees across East Africa in the latest activities to be registered under Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign (BTC) run by UNEP.

UNEP joins global initiative for clean energy cook stoves
The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has joined a new international alliance that aims to cut the estimated 1.6 million premature deaths - and environmental damage - linked to emissions from inefficient cook stoves.

UNEP Report : Green Economy can reduce poverty and help meet Millennium Development Goals
Investing in clean energy, sustainable transport, forests and environmentally-friendly agriculture is essential if internationally-agreed goals to reduce poverty are to be achieved.