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Achim Steiner Makes the Case for a Green Economy Recovery as B4E Summit Kicks Off
Sustainable development is not a choice but an imperative, and the only course possible in our 21st century world, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner argued in his opening remarks to hundreds of top business and environment leaders attending the Business for the Environment (B4E) Summit.

Business and Biodiversity: Are You a Green Leader?
A new publication from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), previewed at B4E, the Business for Environment Global Summit, in Seoul today, helps companies understand the challenges and opportunities by examining the impact of their sector and revealing what other companies are doing t... See full story

One Third of Countries Show Promising Gains in Low Carbon Economic Growth Since the Copenhagen Climate Accord
The 2010 Climate Competitiveness Index, the most comprehensive study to date of national progress to create green jobs and economic growth through low carbon products and services, shows that in spite of uncertainty surrounding international climate negotiations, countries have forged ahead with lo... See full story

UNEP Finance Initiative reaches out to Finance Sector in Turkey
Welcoming its first member from Turkey, UNEP FI is committed to working on sustainable finance issues with the Turkish financial sector.

Communities unite for Live Earth to address water shortage
On Sunday 18 April, the global UNEP-supported Live Earth Run for Water campaign will mobilize communities in more than 175 cities around the world to raise awareness of the growing scarcity of safe, clean water.

Climate change negotiators agree on intensified UNFCCC negotiating schedule for 2010
The UN's top climate change official called on governments to overcome differences, and work for greater clarity on what can be decided in the course of 2010 in the UN Climate Change negotiations.

Punjab Cricket Association Hosts First-Ever Green Cricket Match
The Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) hosted cricket's first-ever carbon neutral match on 9 April at the Mohali Stadium in Punjab, India.

Greening the Global Economy-the Role of Environmental Impact Assessments
One of the key goals of the conference - hosted for the first time by a UN agency - is to present the tools and methods that will help countries to assess and identify which green investments to make.

Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) Training Package Now available
IEA is a process of gathering and analyzing information on the key interactions between the natural environment and human society that can be useful for policy-making and future planning.

Ship Made From Reclaimed Plastic Bottles Sets Sail To Raise Awareness on Waste
The Plastiki began her adventure nearly four years ago after taking inspiration from a report issued by UNEP called 'Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas' and Thor Heyerdahl's epic 1947 expedition, 'The Kon-Tiki.