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How Farm Waste Provides Clean Energy for Homes in Pakistan
A project backed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is working to make clean energy a reality for households in a rural region of Pakistan.

UN System Provides its Perspectives on a Green Economy
In the first-ever inter-agency report on the Green Economy, the Environment Management Group (EMG), representing the work of UN agencies, the Bretton Woods Institutions and other intergovernmental bodies - many of whom have a human and social development mandate - outlines steps and policies for pu... See full story

Calling all Creatives: UN launches Advertising Competition on Water
The competition offers professionals and non-professionals in 48 European countries the chance to design a newspaper advertisement to raise awareness and inspire the European public to find green solutions for the sustainable use of water resources today and for future generations.

Ecosystem Management Pivotal in Securing a Green Economy
Ecosystems are the foundations of human life and livelihoods, but for too long, humanity has ignored this fundamental truth at its own peril, and the Earth ecosystems have been altered more rapidly and extensively than ever before. He stressed that the sustainable management of ecosystems will play... See full story

On the Road to Rio+20, Countries Accelerate Plans for Green Economy Transition
Countries are developing Green Economy strategies and activities to spur greater economic growth and jobs, environmental protection and equality.

Green Innovators Receive Young Environmental Leader Award
Four students from Ecuador, Indonesia, Kenya and the Philippines have received the 2011 Young Environmental Leader Award for their innovative sustainable development projects.

Making the Economic Case for Greening Cities
Improved planning and more intelligent management of cities across the developed and developing world could play a key role in growing economies, boosting social improvements and reducing humanity's environmental footprint

Buy a Westwood Tree-shirt to GreenUp! Europe
At the launch of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)'s new '/GreenUp' initiative, conceived to bring the Green Economy closer to Europeans, Dame Vivienne unveiled a Tree-shirt to raise funds for re-connecting Europe's forests.

UNEP Study Confirms DR Congo's Potential as Environmental Powerhouse but Warns of Critical Threats
With half of Africa's forests and water resources and trillion-dollar mineral reserves, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could become a powerhouse of African development provided multiple pressures on its natural resources are urgently addressed.

UNEP Joins 7 Billion Actions Campaign to Show Opportunities and Challenges at Population Milestone
The world population is set to hit 7 billion on 31 October 2011, bringing into sharp focus the challenges of ensuring sustainable development and a fair share of the planet's resources for a growing global population.