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News and Press Releases

UNEP Report Inspires Plastiki Expedition
The Plastiki - a 60-foot catamaran made from 12,500 reclaimed bottles and fully recycled plastic which will set sail at the end of March to raise awareness about plastic waste.

Africa source of growth, focus of interest for international emissions offset market
Five hundred were expected but more than 1,000 private and public sector participants from Africa and elsewhere turned out for the second Africa Carbon Forum, all hoping to tap the potential of greenhouse gas emission offset projects on the continent.

Carbon Markets in Africa Moving Forward
Africa has over 120 carbon market projects up and running or in the pipeline, in areas ranging from wind power to forestry schemes, a new assessment, published today shows.

Projects Selected for New Facility to Boost African Carbon Market
Johannesburg, March 3, 2010 - Project developers, bankers and others setting up carbon projects as part of the fight against climate change have a new place to go for help. ACAD, the first facility dedicated to boosting the African carbon market, has launched by awarding several new grants.

World Environment Ministers Signal Resolve to Realize Sustainable Development
In the first landmark Declaration issued by ministers of the environment in a decade, governments pledged to step up the global response to the major environmental and sustainability challenges of this generation.

Executive Director Achim Steiner's Policy Statement to the GC meeting in Bali
As the Special Session of the UNEP Governing Council kicks off in Bali, Executive Director Achim Steiner's policy statement outlines what the UNEP Secretariat has achieved.

More Ambition Needed if Greenhouse Gases are to Peak in Time,  Says New UNEP Report
Countries will have to be far more ambitious in cutting greenhouse gas emissions if the world is to effectively curb a rise in global temperature at 2 degrees C or less.

Changing lives through sustainability
Two projects bringing green stoves and clean lighting to remote communities in Latin America, East Africa and India are the laureates of the 2009-10 UNEP Sasakawa Prize

Urgent Need to Prepare Developing Countries for Surge in E-Wastes
Sales of electronic products in countries like China and India and across continents such as Africa and Latin America are set to rise sharply in the next 10 years, according to UN experts in a landmark report released today by UNEP.

Indian Premier League to partner with UNEP for a unique green initiative
The Indian Premier League (IPL) today committed to a strong vision of green growth by launching a partnership with UNEP.