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News and Press Releases

Energy Transformation Is Jamaica's Key to Inclusive Green Economy,  UNEP Says
Two new studies by Jamaican Government and UN Environment Programme highlight green development opportunities for five economic sectors: agriculture, tourism, construction, energy and water and sewerage.

Development of Water Trading in Australia
Economic mechanisms help communities adjust to extreme changes in water availability

Three in Four Jobs in the Global Workforce Depend on Water, says UN on World Water Day
New report shows how water drives job creation and economic growth

Improving Efficiency in Kenya's Forestry Sector Could Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 27%, Bring Annual Economic Benefits of $188 Million
Joint Kenya and United Nations Report Highlights Measures that Could Contribute Significantly to Kenya's Paris Climate Commitments

Half the World to Face Severe Water Stress by 2030 unless Water Use is "Decoupled" from Economic Growth, Says International Resource Panel
Demand for water set to outstrip supply by 40 per cent, highlighting urgent need to improve how humans use the precious resource

Safeguarding People and Forests in the Congo Basin
REDD+ helps to protect Africa's largest forests while supporting the sustainable development of local communities

The Hour for Individual Action is Upon Us, Says Chinese Film Star
To mark Earth Hour Li Bingbing appeals for individuals to change the way they live to avoid perils of climate change.