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News and Press Releases

Crafting a Blue-Print for a Green Global Economy
Leading environmental economists researchers, business leaders and senior figures from international organizations are to meet in Geneva to take forward the United Nations' Green Economy initiative.

UNEP Executive Director Welcomes Obama's Speech on Climate Change
U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's latest speech on climate change has been welcomed as "very meaningful" by Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

German Government Invests $18 Million to Support Clean Energy and Climate Change Adaptation
Germany today boosted its funding for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) earmarking $18 million for the organization's work on clean energy and climate proofing vulnerable economies.

Young Consumers' Guide to Eco-Friendly Living
How to balance looking cool and feeling cool with the need to combat climate are among the key tips in the new United Nations YouthXchange Training kit.

Landmark New Report Says Emerging Green Economy Could Create Tens of Millions of New "Green Jobs"
A new, landmark study on the impact of an emerging global "green economy" on the world of work says efforts to tackle climate change could result in the creation of millions of new "green jobs" in the coming decades.

Mexico to Host World Environment Day Under the Theme 'Your Planet Needs You'
Mexico, a country at the crossroads of the Green Economy and one increasingly in the centre of regional and global affairs will host the international 2009 World Environment Day celebrations.

Making Sustainable Development Happen: SEED Announces its 2008 Award Winners
An International Jury, composed of global experts across a range of sectors, advised the SEED Initiative on the selection. Jury members were deeply impressed by the promise of these projects, each of which is likely to be able to scale up its activities considerably; some might be replicated elsewh... See full story

Which Global Green Campaign Will Be Recognised As The Most Compelling in 2008?
This year for the first time, the Green Awards™ is accepting applications from outside the UK for the'Best Green International Campaign' category.

African Health and Environment Ministers Join to Defend Health from Environmental Harm
Health and Environment Ministers in Africa have resolved to build a strategic health and environment alliance to reduce environmental threats to human health and well-being.

Top Olympic Athlete Yao Ming Becomes UNEP's First Environmental Champion
Top Olympic athlete Yao Ming is the UN Environment Programme's first-ever Environmental Champion, UNEP announced today.

Ecological Economics on the Agenda as Scientists From Six Continents Gather in Nairobi
More than two hundred scientists from six continents converge in Nairobi today to discuss ways to apply economics to social and environmental sustainability.