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News and Press Releases

UNOG's new green project to use lake water to cool offices
The Geneve-Lac-Nations (GLN) grid will be used to supply renewable energy, using water from the Lake to heat pumps, which will supply heating for the new buildings in the United Nations area.

Trade and Environment: WTO and UNEP launch a report explaining for the first time the connections between trade and climate change
The WTO/UNEP report on "Trade and Climate Change" published today examines the intersections between trade and climate change from four perspectives: the science of climate change; economics; multilateral efforts to tackle climate change; and national climate change policies and their effect on tra... See full story

Sports plays a growing role in quest for sustainability
The crucial role played by Sports in various aspects of sustainable development was discussed by UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner in an address to the 'Forum on Productive Youth Development through Sport in Africa'.

UNEP launches new online system to view and study the world's marine protected areas
A new decision-making tool is being launched to provide the most current and relevant information about marine and coastal biodiversity and its protection status.

Three more countries say 'yes' to a low-carbon future on World Environment Day
Three countries have pledged to promote low-carbon, green growth by joining the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), an initiative led by UNEP to promote global action to de-carbonize our economies and societies.

Winners of 2009 SEED Awards Announced
The winners of the 2009 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development were announced today at a high level award ceremony and reception.

Green shoots planted in Obama's first 100 days in office
Crucially, the Obama team recognizes that a Green New Deal and Green Economy can be a vital component in catalyzing a sustainable economic upturn.

Business Leaders Urge Nations to Seal the Climate Deal in Copenhagen and Build the Green Economy
We, the participants of the B4E Summit 2009, recognize that the economic, environmental and social challenges and risks we face demand a new level of leadership and cooperation.

Powering a Global Green New Deal
More than 700 leaders from business, civil society, international organizations and government are set to meet at the Business for the Environment Global Summit in Paris on 22-23 April to discuss ways of powering green growth around the globe.

DHL Express Demonstrates Green Commitment with Special Shipment for UNEP
DHL Express, the world's leading express delivery company, sent its first carbon neutral express shipments from Africa on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net).

Delivering Tomorrow's Economy and Job Market Today
Investing one per cent of global GDP, or around $750 billion, into five key sectors could be the key to a Global Green New Deal.