Introduction to Task Force Projects

The nine Marrakech Task Force projects cover activities in 43 countries across every region of the world. They have produced materials in 11 different languages, adapted to local cultures and conditions.

The projects have tested ideas and collected stories of sustainable living from across the world. They covered fields as diverse as social innovation, communication, education, marketing, advertising and research - from delivering training sessions in African universities to running youth engagement projects in the Philippines. All the projects have contributed to a greater understanding of what sustainable lifestyles are and how they can be created.

Despite the Task Force ending, some of the projects will continue under the newly established Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL). The findings to date have been fed into the ten-year framework of programs to take the next leap forward in the Marrakech Process.

The nine Task Force projects were:

  1. Communicating Sustainability
  2. Creative Communities
  3. Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles
  4. Intercultural Sister Classrooms
  5. Literature Review on Sustainable Lifestyles
  6. Making the business case for Sustainable Lifestyles
  7. Scaling up, UNEP-UNESCO YouthXchange Programme
  8. Sustainable Entrepreneurship in African Universities
  9. Toolkit for advertising and marketing courses: