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10YFP Newsletter #2

UNEP's Governing Council gives green light to full 10YFP implementation, over 650 members have joined the Global SCP Clearinghouse.

The Global SCP Clearinghouse: One Click Away from SCP!

The Global SCP Clearinghouse was pre-launched at the 27th session UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (18-22 February 2013, Nairobi). The Clearinghouse will offer a unique one-stop hub dedicated to the implementation of SCP through information, knowledge sharing and multi-stakeholder cooperation worldwide. On its first month, the Clearinghouse had over 1700 visits and received 650 registrations. Webinars on the Clearinghouse have been held in the Asia Pacific and the North American regions. Sign up, and register your SCP initiatives at start.scpclearinghouse.org before the official launch on 21 May 2013.

The 10YFP at UNEP's Governing Council

At UNEP Governing Council, Governments formally supported and gave UNEP – as Secretariat of the 10YFP - the green light for the full implementation of 10YFP. See Decision 27/7 on SCP. The 10YFP was also presented at the 14th Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum, a day before the GC (17 February). Attendees welcomed the 10YFP and provided valuable feedback, including the need to consider additional 10YFP programmes on agri-food and mobility given the resource intensity and environmental impacts of these sectors. Ministers highlighted that achieving sustainable patterns of consumption and production is an important part of the post 2015 development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many ministers were calling for the establishment of an SDG on SCP.

Setting up the 10YFP and getting ready for implementation:

The 10YFP Secretariat has been established, and it is located at UNEP-DTIE in Paris. The nomination of the 10YFP board is still underway in New York. The Latin American and the Caribbean, the Eastern European and Western Europe and Others Groups have selected their representatives. We are waiting to learn of the Asia Pacific and Africa representatives. All countries have been invited to nominate their National Focal Points. Over 80 governments have sent nominations; for which the Secretariat is thankful and welcomes nominations from additional countries. The invitations for the stakeholder focal points will be sent in April. The Inter-Agency Coordination Group is being established; 19 agencies have joined the group, and the first meeting is scheduled on 21-22 May 2013. The 10YFP Trust Fund has been established, with its main objective being to support SCP implementation in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Contributions to the Fund are welcome. The 10YFP Secretariat has developed guidance for the development and operationalization of the 10YFP programmes and is supporting consultations to develop and launch the 5 initial ones.

Upcoming Events in the regions:

Linkages and synergies have been built with different SCP initiatives and projects. This includes synergies with the SWITCH Asia and SWITCH Med. UNESCWA and UNESCAP have invited the 10YFP Secretariat to present the 10YFP objectives and work at their Regional Implementation Meetings (RIMs) for the final CSD 20 session. Regional multi-stakeholder meetings on the 10YFP are taking place in West Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean in June 2013, and in Africa, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe second half of 2013.

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