Decision 67/203 of the United Nations General Assembly establishes a 10-member board consisting of two members of each UN regional group.  The board members are nominated for a two-year term, and the Secretariat will elaborate a proposal on the duration of the subsequent terms, to be considered by the General Assembly at its sixty-ninth session. Current composition of the board, which was completed in June 2013, is as follow: Chile and Mexico for Latin America and Caribbean; Romania and Russia for Eastern Europe; Switzerland and Finland sharing a seat with Germany for Western Europe and Others Group (WEOG); Japan and Korea sharing a seat, and Indonesia and Bangladesh sharing a seat for Asia; and South Africa and Tanzania for Africa. 

The functions of the board are mentioned in the 10YFP adopted document A/CONF.216/5 (paragraph 4b), and can be summarized as follow: 

i) promoting the 10YFP; 

ii) guiding the secretariat; 

iii) assisting in securing funding, including contributions to the Trust Fund; 

iv) overseeing the secretariat’s operation of the trust fund and ensuring neutrality, transparency and accountability; 

v) reviewing annual progress reports by secretariat on programmes; 

vi) reporting progress annually to ECOSOC (as ad interim reporting body); 

vii) convening international and regional meetings; 

viii) guiding preparations for the five-year review of the 10-year Framework of Programmes, 

ix) inviting representatives of UN bodies and major groups to participate in its deliberations.