Trust Fund

The United Nations Environment Programme will establish a trust fund for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) programmes to mobilize voluntary contributions from multiple sources, including public/donor contributions, the private sector and other sources. The trust fund will have the following elements:   

(i) The objectives of the trust fund will be to receive and mobilize resources in a stable, sustained and predictable manner to develop sustainable consumption and production programmes in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, as appropriate, and to promote the transparent allocation of resources;  

(ii) The trust fund will be used to support the implementation of the 10-year framework of programmes in developing countries, such as by providing seed money for developing and implementing programme proposals;  

(iii) Financing for the trust fund should not be provided at the expense of other high priority sustainable development activities being carried out by United Nations bodies;  

(iv) Programme proposals from developing countries to the trust fund should meet the criteria specified below and allocation of the financing should take regional balance into account; 

(v) The United Nations Environment Programme, as the secretariat of the 10-year Framework of Programmes, will be invited to act as trustee for the trust fund and to administer the fund;   

(vi) Donors, the private sector and others will be encouraged to contribute to the trust fund, once established, providing general support to the 10-year Framework of Programmes, as well as support to specific programmes and initiatives responding to the national and regional priorities of developing countries.