SCP Policies and the 10YFP

The SCP Branch works closely with governments encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of effective policies to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and accelerate the shift towards more resource efficient economies and sustainable lifestyles.

The main areas of work on SCP policies are:

The 10 Years Framework Programmes on SCP

The 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP on SCP) aims at enhancing international cooperation to support regional and national initiatives to accelerate the shift towards SCP. It involves all countries, with developed countries taking the lead and with all countries benefiting from the process. The framework will encourage and facilitate collaboration, innovation and action. It will provide financial and technical assistance and capacity building to developing countries to support the implementation of SCP. 

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National Action Plans and Poverty Alleviation

Supporting the implementation of National Programmes on SCP. The SCP Branch provides guidelines, builds capacity (training sessions, workshops and information) and supports the implementation of national SCP programmes. SCP can provide important contribution to poverty alleviation (e.g. sustainable livelihood, green jobs, new market opportunity). More...

SCP Global Outlook

The Global Outlook on SCP Policies provides a review of policies and initiatives around the globe that are promoting SCP patterns. It identifies best practices and illustrates 56 case studies ranging from global multilateral agreements and regional strategies to specific policies and initiatives being implemented by governments, businesses and civil society organizations. More...