Policies and Procedures

One of the main objectives of the Steering Committee is to provide strategic direction to the Panel and ensure policy relevance of its work.. So far this work has focused on the following areas, decoupling, environmental impacts of consumption and production, biofuels, land and soil, metals and water. For every subject area, the Panel forms a Working Group, which reviews the relevant scientific literature. The Working Group prepares an assessment report, taking into account the IRP’s principles of transparency, independence and credibility. The resulting document is peer-reviewed by external experts. Following this, the IRP prepares an executive summary highlighting the relevance to policymakers. This procedure ensures that the final document responds to the specific needs of policymakers, identifies and prioritizes risks and opportunities, and estimates levels of certainty. 

During preparation of assessments, the Steering Committee and the Panel members ensure multiple points of view are considered. The Secretariat supports the process through coordination of meetings and input, and by providing guidance to members on the application of corresponding policies and procedures as well as administrative and substantive support when required.. Reviewers are selected from a list of external experts, proposed by members of the Steering Committee, Panel, Secretariat and relevant Working Group. A Peer Review Coordinator ensures that the input received during the peer review process is reflected in the final publication.

The structure, policies and procedures applicable to the International Resource Panel are included in the following documents: