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Panel members

Panel members are internationally recognized scientists working on issues that include: harvesting and extraction of resources from ecosystems, production (including cleaner production, life-cycle analysis and eco-design), consumption and recycling (including material flows) and socio-economic policies, incorporating resource economics, policy and trade. Their core role is to develop scientific assessments on the environmental impacts caused by humans using resources throughout their full life-cycle, and advise on ways to reduce those impacts. Panel members also contribute ideas for developing the IRP’s programme of work and highlight existing opportunities within their respective international, regional and national networks. The combined contacts of UNEP and Panel members represent an extensive roster of experts in specific areas of sustainable resource management. The IRP invites members of this global network to support and complement its Panel members’ expertise. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is drawn from representatives of governments, international and regional organisations, civil society organisations, business and industry associations, and academic institutions. It guides on the IRP’s strategic direction, ensures policy relevance of the work of the Panel, helps set the annual work plan, oversees budgets and advises on the scientific make-up of the Panel. Its members also highlight opportunities for cooperation between governmental and non-governmental initiatives. 


The Secretariat is hosted by UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, in Paris. It coordinates administrative and operational functions of the IRP. This work includes organizing meetings, inviting new members, preparing proposals for strategic direction and work plans, supporting Working Groups and the Resource Panel Co-Chairs, and conducting communication and dissemination activities. The Secretariat enables the Resource Panel and Steering Committee to fulfill their roles efficiently and ensure that the objectives of the Panel are met.