Publication Development Tools

Glossary of Terms

The purpose of this glossary is to develop a collection of definitions on which all Panel members agree. It shall be used by the Panel and will eventually be published online in order to enhance the public understanding of its work. Therefore, the glossary should include key terms, concepts and acronyms from all Working Groups; it should reflect the scope of work carried out by the Resource Panel. 

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Data Management Guidelines

This style guide/checklist is to assist the International Resource Panel (IRP) and its Working Groups with preparing the assessment reports and ensure consistency and high-quality of the publications and associated products. The technical guidelines have been developed to serve as a reference point for all involved in the preparation and production of the assessment reports. They are not cast in stone and will be subject to periodic review, and improvement over time, depending on inputs and feedback from the IRP members and the IRP Secretariat. 

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