Synopsis of Findings from the International Resource Panel

 Responsible Resource Management for a Sustainable World: 

Findings from the International Resource Panel

"The assessments of the IRP to date make a convincing case for sustainable natural resource management, and decoupling economic growth from resource use and environmental impacts. There are many opportunities for governments and businesses to work together to create and implement policies to encourage sustainable resource management." Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director

The wellbeing of humanity, environmental health, and economic prosperity depend on the way in which society uses and cares for natural resources, including water, land, energy and materials such as minerals, biomass and fossil fuels. The International Resource Panel was established to provide independent, coherent and authoritative scientific assessment on the sustainable use of natural resources and the environmental impacts of resource use over the full life cycle.

This synopsis highlights key findings from the following reports of the International Resource Panel: A) Priority products and materials: assessing the environmental impacts of consumption and production; B) Decoupling natural resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth; C) Metal Stocks in Society; D) Recycling Rates of Metals; and E) Assessing biofuels: towards sustainable production and use of resources. Over the next two years, the IRP will deepen its assessments of consumption and production, decoupling, metals and biomass. It will deliver further reports on water, soil and land use and environmental impacts of trade.

The knowledge base that the IRP provides supports policy makers and business leaders as they embark on the journey of decoupling economic activity from resource use and emissions to enable the global economy to operate within the limits of the Earth’s resources, climate and ecosystems, while providing equal opportunity and wellbeing to a projected nine billion people on this planet.

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