Jacqueline McGlade

Jacqueline McGlade is an expert in environmental policy and research. Former Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, she routinely addresses academic and parliamentary audiences on environmental policy and social-environment interactions. She co-chairs the steering group on the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Convention Assessment of Assessments for the State of the Environment and is a jury member for the Volvo Environment Prize.

Previously, Dr McGlade was Director of the UK’s NERC Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences, and Director of Theoretical Ecology in Germany. She has also served as co-chair to the heads of European Environmental Protection agencies and on the scientific committee of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. She was the Coordinator of the World Summit on Sustainable Development and co-chaired UNEP’s GEO-5 Intergovernmental Advisory Panel.

Dr McGlade’s research pursuits include analysis of risk and uncertainty in complex systems, development and implementation of enviro-informatics, ecological economics, environmental forecasting, and development of a governance theory for natural resources. She serves on the editorial boards of Dynamical Systems and the International Journal of Biosciences and the Law. McGlade earned a PhD in aquatic sciences and zoology from the University of Guelph in Canada and an MA from the University of Cambridge, UK.