Mohan Munasinghe

Mohan Munasinghe is one of the world’s leading authorities on sustainable development, energy and the environment. He shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with US former Vice President Al Gore, in his role as Co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He also shared the Zayed International Prize for Environment for his contributions to the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment.

Professor Munasinghe is currently Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Manchester in the UK. He is also Chairman of the Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND). He elaborated the first ideas on ‘sustainonomics’, a focused and practical approach to making development more sustainable. Professor Munasinghe provides commentary and guidance to various draft reports published by the Panel.

He is well-recognized for his trans-disciplinary approach, developed during 40 years of international work and field experience in most developing countries on projects involving climate change, disaster management, macro and micro economics, environment, energy, telecommunications, transport, urban infrastructure and water resources.

Professor Munasinge serves on the editorial boards of over 12 journals, including Advances in Climate Change Research, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Journal. He is the author of 93 scholarly books and over 350 technical papers in scientific journals on climate change, disasters, water, energy, sustainable development and many other topics.

Professor Munasinghe has served as an adviser to the US President’s Council on Environmental Quality. He has also been an expert and adviser to many world bodies, including the United Nations (UN), UN Development Programme, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, United States Agency for International Development, and the African Development Bank. He earned a PhD in solid-state physics from McGill University in Canada and an electrical engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the USA.