Walter Pengue

Walter Pengue is an expert in agriculture and rural sustainable development. He is working as an agricultural engineer specializing in issues regarding soil management, food production and evaluation of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the implementation of new technologies. He teaches a Doctoral Course on Ecological Economics at Buenos Aires University (GEPAMA) and is Full Professor of Ecology at General Sarmiento University. He has also taught on agroecosystem modifications, agroecology, ecological economics and rural development at international level at several Universities in Latin America, Europe and Oceania.

Dr. Pengue is a Steering Committee member of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), former President of Regional Societies of Ecological Economics in South America, and leads several international and national projects on rural sustainable development and integrated watershed management. He is co-chair of the International Resource Panel’s Working Group on Land & Soil and is a member of the Working Groups on Water, Cities and Trade.

He has authored numerous books and articles on Ecological Economics, Green Economy, New technologies in agriculture and on rural development.

Dr. Pengue is an agronomist with a specialization in plant breeding (UBA, Argentina). He has a Master’s degree in Environmental Policies and earned a PHD in Agroecology and Sustainable Development from the University of Córdoba, Europe.