About ROA

  Mission of ROA
ROA' s major function is to coordinate UNEP's programme of work in the region. ROA acts as the link between the various units and centers of UNEP and the countries in the region, and promotes collaboration and partnerships with organizations active in sustainable development in Africa.
Located at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, ROA provides a wide range of advisory services using either UNEP staff or consultants through an umbrella project known as Regional Advisory Services (RAS). RAS advises on environmental machinery and technical requirements, reviews project proposals, and recommends action by governments and other organizations.

ROA covers all 53 countries of the continent.
The African Region
Rich in resources but the least developed region economically
The most vulnerable region to ecological threat - desertification reduces productivity and compromises food security; deforestation depletes economic and natural biodiversity wealth Contains the largest proportion of drylands of any continent
Socio-economic and cultural conditions with rapid population growth threaten many fragile ecosystems Has inadequate institutional and financial capacity to address environmental issues.
Environmental Issues in Africa
  • Land degradation
  • Protection and sustainable use of forests
  • Effective management of biodiversity
  • Water scarcity and efficient water management
  • Pollution of fresh water, urban, coastal and marine areas
  • Protection of marine and coastal resources
  • Drought and climate change
  • Population pressures on natural resources and urban areas
ROA Priorities

ROA plays a key role in ensuring that environmental considerations are the engine driving Africa along the road to recovery, stability and sustainable development. The office closely collaborates with many partners to put Africa on the global map where critical environmental issues are discussed and addressed.

With the United Nations system-wide special initiative on Africa, and in line with the
Executive Director's definition of support to Africa as one of UNEP's concentration areas, ROA emphasizes building capacity for early warning and environmental assessment and ensuring that proper mechanisms are put in place for economically sound development. Key areas also include the provision of clean water and reversal of land degradation.

Regional cooperation retains the highest priority as the means to achieve these goals. As host of the AMCEN Secretariat, ROA is able to ensure and strengthen cooperation between UNEP and the major regional and sub-regional partners. The AMCEN forum is also the main vehicle for reviewing environmental issues and identifying priorities for action at all levels and for enlisting the support of the African Development Bank and other financial institutions and donors to mobilize financial resources to curb environmental degradation and help eradicate poverty.

Mobilizing financial resources for UNEP, especially for UNEP activities in the regions.

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