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Launching of the African Climate Appeal

Forum For Environment , Ethiopia will be lunching the African Climate Appeal at the National Palace on April 14th , 2009 in the presence of H.E Green hero Girma Woldegiorgis ,President of Federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

This appeal recommends to African governments to formulate a strong common position in international climate change negotiations to avoid being overpowered by the developed North and by the G77 and China.

On a general level, the Appeal calls upon African Governments to:

  • Ensure that the common position is proposed by strong, well coordinated and informed teams of negotiators.
  • Develop relevant climate change legislations, policies and programmes nationally and to improve on the overall resource governance frameworks.
  • Factor-in climate change into national poverty reduction and development plans.
  • Create sustainable development frameworks, which go beyond socio-economic, environmental and institutional sustainability, to also encompass climate change.
  • Develop mechanisms of technology transfer internationally and technology development in our nations.
  • Develop home-grown policy frameworks that reflect the aspirations, the principles and the positions of Africa’s people, which can be used in the international negotiations, with equity and justice as its pillars.
  • Ensure that climate change related policies nationally and internationally are pro-poor people.