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Achievements & Challenges

AMCEN has been instrumental in advancing the environmental agenda in Africa in several areas. These include:

  • Highlighting environmental issues at all levels of society including the linkages with poverty reduction, human and animal health, trade, water conservation, forestry management, river basin management, etc;

  • Providing forum for exchange of views and building consensus on issues of common concern among policy makers at national, sub-regional, regional and global levels;

  • Providing a conduit for articulation of Africa's concerns on the environment to other regions and to the global community;

  • Providing a legitimate voice of Africa in environmental matters;

  • Building a network of ministers for environment in Africa; and

  • Producing a number of publications to assist with dissemination of environmental information in Africa.

AMCEN has also continued to give guidance in key political events related to multilateral environmental agreements, paying particular attention to the implementation of post 1992 Earth Summit environmental conventions as well as the World Summit and Sustainable Development.

The development of the continent-wide Action Plan for the Environmental Initiative of NEPAD is one of AMCEN's major achievements.

AMCEN, however, faces many challenges. These include:

  • Difficulties in securing sustainable financing for implementation of its activities;

  • Harmonising regional and global environmental issues in order to receive adequate attention at national and sub-regional levels;

  • Translation of global environmental concerns into practical, feasible and achievable programmes of action at national, sub-regional and regional levels.