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Climate Change
Climate Change
UNEP is focusing on both mitigation and adaptation and the objective is to strengthen the ability of countries in integrating climate change responses into national development processes. More

Disasters and Conflicts
Disasters and conflicts in Africa
The objective is to minimize environmental threats to human well-being arising from the environmental causes and consequences of conflicts and disasters More

Ecosystem Management
Ensuring the holistic management of land, water and living resources to promote conservation and sustainable use. More

Environmental Governance
Strengthening Global, Regional, national and local Environmental governance to address agreed environmental priorities. More

Chemicals and Waste
Minimising impacts of Harmful Substances and Hazardous Waste on the environment and people More

Resource Efficiency
Promoting Resource efficiency and Reducing adverse impacts of consumption and production. More

Environment Under Review
The Environment Under Review sub programme aims to contribute to sustainable development and improved well-being through empowering stakeholders at global, regional and national levels. It aims to do this by providing open web platforms, services and access to timely, substantiated knowledge about the environment and emerging issues and by strengthening capacities to make use of substantiated knowledge in decision-making.

Regional News

World Environment Day: Regional Director Mounkaila Goumandakoye interviewed by CCTV

To watch the interview on CCTV's Africa Live news show click here 

World Environment Day: Regional Director Mounkaila Goumandakoye on green economy

"We cannot continue business as usual. Therefore UNEP is proposing to countries a transition to a green economy. That will ensure that we use the resources available to us in a sustainable way, so that, despite the growing population, we will be in a position to satisfy the needs of livelihood, continue to maintain the GDP, which is relatively high in terms of the growth for Africa, and ensure for the future that resources are not being depleted." Read more




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