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Press Releases

Africa Celebrates Africa Environment Day and Life of Wangari Maathai

Nairobi, 3 March 2014 -Celebrations to mark this year’s Africa Environment Day and Wangari Maathai Day commenced with the burning of 15 tonnes of contraband ivory by Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta at Nairobi National Park, with 1,000 guests in attendance, including the African Union Commissioner, Cabinet Secretaries, the United Nations and members of the international community
Loss and Degradation of Natural Habitats Threaten Migratory Birds, Pushing Species towards Extinction
Bonn/Nairobi 10 May 2013 - The annual migration of an estimated 50 billion birds - around 19 per cent of the world's 10,000 bird species - is one of the world's great natural wonders, yet the critical staging areas migratory birds need to complete these journeys are being degraded or are disappearing completely. [French] [Spanish]
Soaring Demand for Metals Calls for Rethink of Recycling Practices, Says International Resource Panel
Berlin, 24 April 2013 - The growth in demand for metals, which could see needs rise by almost ten times current levels, calls for a rethink of recycling practices in order to address negative environmental impacts, according to two reports released today by the UNEP-hosted International Resource Panel. [French]
Scaled-Up Investments in Sustainable Cities Crucial for Improved Resource Efficiency and Poverty Eradication
Nairobi, 17 April 2013 - Investing in sustainable infrastructures and resource efficient technologies in cities offers a golden opportunity to deliver economic growth with lower rates of environmental degradation, reductions in poverty, cuts in greenhouse gases, and improved well-being, according to a new report released by the United Nations today. [French]
2013 SEED Awards Applications Now Open
Nairobi, 16 April 2013 - Innovative and inspiring social and environmental entrepreneurs can win a tailor-made support package to help expand their business, as part of the 2013 SEED Awards, which open today.
New Report Warns of Uncertain Future for African Elephants: Poaching Doubled and Illegal Ivory Trade Tripled in Last Decade
Bangkok, 6 March 2013 - Populations of elephants in Africa continue to be under severe threat as the illegal trade in ivory grows - with double the numbers of elephants killed and triple the amounts of ivory seized, over the last decade.
Hundreds of Runners Celebrate Nairobi as Global Environment Capita
Nairobi, 24 February 2013 - Close to two thousand star athletes, up-and-coming runners, school children, UN staff and members of the diplomatic community pounded the pavements of Nairobi today for the second United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Half Marathon.
Half-Marathon to Celebrate Stronger UNEP and Support Peace to Take Place
Nairobi, 23 February 2013 - Some of Kenya’s top runners will race through the streets of Nairobi alongside the public on Sunday to celebrate the strengthening and upgrading of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which makes Nairobi a true world environmental capital, and to support an initiative to raise awareness of the need for peaceful elections in Kenya.
Mongolia Named as Global Host of World Environment Day 2013
Nairobi, 22 February 2013 - Mongolia, which is prioritizing a Green Economy shift across its big economic sectors such as mining and promoting environmental awareness among  youth, is to host this year’s World Environment Day (WED) celebrations on June 5, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.
UNEP Strengthened and Upgraded to Implement The Future We Want
Nairobi, 22 February 2013 - Starting from  an office above a supermarket 40 years-ago, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) was today modernized into a strengthened and upgraded institution better able to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
Third Africa Environment Outlook Addresses Key Environmental Risks for Human Health and Draws Pathways for Sustainable Future
Nairobi, 21 February 2013 - Africa's leaders should put implementing environment and health issues at the top of their national and continent-wide policies if growing challenges such as air pollution, vector-borne diseases and chemical exposure are to be addressed, according to a new report compiled by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) released today.
UNEP Appoints Singing Sensations Eric Wainaina and Suzanna Owiyo as Kenyan Goodwill Ambassadors
Nairobi, 21 February 2013 - Two of Kenya’s biggest singing stars, Eric Wainaina and Suzanna Owiyo, today pledged to use their music and high profiles to ignite positive environmental action as they were designated National Goodwill Ambassadors for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).
Sustainable Off-Grid Lighting Solutions Can Deliver Major Development and Climate Benefits
Nairobi, 20 February 2013 - Replacing the millions of kerosene lamps, candles and flashlights used worldwide with modern solar lighting can provide an increasingly low-cost solution to reducing carbon emissions, indoor air pollution and health risks, and boosting green jobs, according to new studies from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). [French]
Ministers Dine on Food Grown in Kenya But Rejected by UK Supermarkets for Cosmetic Reasons
Nairobi, 19 February 2013 - Hundreds of ministers and high-level officials dined on perfectly good food grown by Kenyan farmers but rejected by UK supermarkets due to cosmetic imperfections at the headquarters of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi to highlight a major campaign to cut massive levels of global food loss and waste.
Effects of Human and Wildlife Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Examined in Landmark UN Report
Nairobi, 19 February 2013 - Many synthetic chemicals, untested for their disrupting effects on the hormone system, could have significant health implications according to the State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
New Green Economy Partnership Responds to Rio+20 Call for Action
Nairobi, 19 February 2013- A new partnership launched today by four UN agencies aims to support 30 countries over the next seven years in building national green economy strategies that will generate new jobs and skills, promote clean technologies, and reduce environmental risks and poverty.[French][Arabic]
Strengthened Governance and Management Required to Prevent Rush for Resources from Damaging Fragile Arctic Environment, Says UNEP Year Book 2013
Nairobi, 18 February 2013 - The rush for resources prompted by an apparent acceleration in sea ice melt calls for caution and effective governance to avoid damage to the fragile Arctic environment, according to the UN Environment Programme's Year Book 2013.[French][Spanish][Arabic]
Links Between Health and Environment in Focus at Major UN Youth Conference
Nairobi, 11 February 2013 - Actions to cut food waste and to harness the power of social media to promote sustainable lifestyles are among the issues on the agenda at a major United Nations youth meeting on the environment which opens in Nairobi, Kenya, today.[French][Chinese]
IPBES takes big steps for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Bonn, 27 January 2013 - A new international science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystems, set up to assist governments and citizens to better understand the state, trends and challenges facing the natural world and humanity in the 21st century, has today put in place many of the administrative and staffing structures needed to implement its important work.
Think, Eat, Save: UNEP, FAO and Partners Launch Global Campaign to Change Culture of Food Waste
Geneva, 22 January 2013 - Simple actions by consumers and food retailers can dramatically cut the 1.3 billion tonnes of food lost or wasted each year and help shape a sustainable future, according to a new global campaign to cut food waste launched today by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and partners.[French][Portuguese][Chinese]
Minamata Convention Agreed by Nations
Geneva/Nairobi, 19 January 2013 - International effort to address mercury-a notorious heavy metal with significant  health and environmental effects-was today delivered a significant boost with governments agreeing to a global, legally-binding treaty to prevent emissions and releases.
UNEP Studies Show Rising Mercury Emissions in Developing Countries
Nairobi/Geneva, 10 January 2013- First Attempt to Estimate Global Releases to Water & Review of Information on Releases to Aquatic Environment Binding Treaty on Mercury Essential for Addressing Major Health and Environment Impacts
UNEP launches pioneering water initiative in DRC to protect the supply of safe water to Kinshasa
Kinshasa/Geneva, 18 December- UNEP has initiated a water scheme in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that aims to protect the Lukaya river basin that supplies almost 380,000 Kinshasa residents with safe drinking water.
UNEP Launches New Initiative to Support Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
Nairobi, 06 December 2012- From managing coastal erosion, to tackling pressures on food supply, a new initiative launched today by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will aim to support communities across Africa in adapting to the impacts of climate change.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap Widening as Nations Head to Crucial Climate Talks in Doha
London/Nairobi, 21 November 2012- Action on climate change needs to be scaled-up and accelerated without delay if the world is to have a running chance of keeping a global average temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius this century.[French][Spanish][Chinese][Portuguese][Russian][Arabic]
African Countries to Discuss Funding Opportunities for the Marine and Coastal Environment Projects in Africa
Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo)/Nairobi (Kenya), 12 November 2012- Government delegates from the 22 countries sharing the West, Central and Southern African coast of the Atlantic Ocean are meeting today in the economic capital of the Republic of Congo to discuss the numerous challenges related to the implementation of the Convention for the Cooperation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal Environment of the West and Central and Southern African Region (Abidjan Convention).
Mombasa Student Receives International Environmental Leader Award
Leverkusen (Germany) / Nairobi, 10 November 2012- A Mombasa student has received an international youth award for her environmental efforts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer.
Deforestation Costing Kenyan Economy Millions of Dollars Each Year and Increasing Water Shortage Risk, UNEP and Kenya Forest Service Report Finds
Nairobi, 5 November 2012 - Deforestation deprived Kenya's economy of 5.8 billion shillings ($US 68 million) in 2010 and 6.6 billion shillings in 2009, far outstripping the roughly 1.3 billion shillings injected from forestry and logging each year, according to a joint Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report.
Environmental Economist Pavan Sukhdev Named New UNEP Goodwill Ambassador
Hyderabad (India), 16 October 2012- Indian banker and long-standing environmental economist Pavan Sukhdev today pledged to use his profile and influence to further the goals of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) as the organization’s newest Goodwill Ambassador.
Vital Economic and Environmental Role of Wetlands Must Be Recognized to Avoid Further Degradation and Losses
Hyderabad (India), 16 October 2012- The key role that rapidly diminishing wetlands play in supporting human life and biodiversity needs to be recognized and integrated into decision-making as a vital component of the transition to a resource-efficient, sustainable world economy, according to a new TEEB report released today.
UN Report Warns Ecological Foundations that Support Food Security, Including Biodiversity, Are Being Undermined
Nairobi/Hyderabad, 16 October 2012 - The aim of achieving food security across the globe will become increasingly elusive unless countries factor the planet's nature-based services into agricultural and related planning, a report released today from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says.
UNEP Africa Announces Winners of the 2012 Ozone Africa Media Award
Djibouti/Nairobi, 27 September 2012- The Jury of the Ozone Africa Media award has recognized Ms. Tsitsi Matope’s distinct print article “Death is in the Air”, and Mr. Didier Hubert Madafime’s show “Lutte pour l’élimination du R22 au Bénin”, both of which highlight the importance of sensitizing the public on good refrigeration practices to minimize emission of ozone depleting substances into the atmosphere.
UNEP to Train Blue Helmets on Environmental Challenges to Peace and Security
Geneva/Nairobi, 21 September 2012 - A new training programme to support the UN's 16 peace operations in improving their management of the environment and natural resources has been launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today.
African Policy Makers Seek to Reduce Pollution for Clean Air Benefits and Climate Protection
Accra, 20 September 2012 - Today, high-level government officials, policymakers, environmental experts and industrial stakeholders from 15 countries converged in Africa for the first time in order to identify ways to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) from the continent.
African Ministers Adopt Programmes to Boost Sustainable Development, Eye Key Role in Post-Rio+20 Landscape
Arusha, Tanzania, 14 September 2012- Environment ministers and government representatives from over forty African countries on Friday adopted a set of flagship programmes and decisions that could catalyse a new wave of sustainable development on the continent as they agreed to adopt a common voice and remain fully engaged in the implementation of the Rio+20 outcome document.[French]
Africa Charts its Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication after Rio+20
Arusha (Tanzania)/Nairobi (Kenya), 12 September 2012- Environment Ministers and government representatives from over forty African countries are convening in Arusha from 12 to 14 September to chart the region’s post-Rio+20 Strategy for Sustainable Development.
Urgent Action Needed to Reduce Growing Health and Environmental Hazards from Chemicals: UN Report
Geneva / Nairobi / Mexico City / New York, 5 September 2012 - Coordinated action by governments and industry is urgently needed to reduce the growing risks to human health and the environment posed by the unsustainable management of chemicals worldwide, according to a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).[Arabic]
UNEP Pays Tribute to Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and Chair of the Meeting of the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change
Nairobi, 21 August 2012 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joins the Government and people of Ethiopia in grieving the passing of Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia.
New Initiative to Reduce Time-to-Market for Carbon Market Projects in Southern Africa
Gaborone (Botswana), 17 August 2012- The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today unveiled a new standardized baseline* for the region's electric power grid - a major step forward in efforts to boost access to climate-friendly investment in Africa that will reduce, by an estimated six months, the time it takes for carbon market projects to reach the market.
Indian, Colombian and Kenyan Initiatives among Winners of UNEP's World Environment Day Challenge 2012
Nairobi, 02 August 2012 - The United Nations Environment Programme today announced the winners of the World Environment Day (WED) Challenge 2012, naming five exciting and innovative projects that helped raise environmental awareness across the globe.
UNEP Welcomes Nigerian Governments Green Light for Ogoniland Oil Clean-Up
Nairobi, 01 August 2012- The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has welcomed the Government of Nigeria's decision to proceed with a major oil contamination clean-up of Ogoniland in the Niger Delta.
CITES Meeting to Tackle Smuggling of Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn
Geneva, 24 July 2012- The conservation and management priorities for the effective regulation of trade in wild animals and plants from 2013 to 2016 is taking centre stage in Geneva this week.
Tracking antelopes to better protect migration corridor between Ethiopia and South Sudan
Bonn, 28 June 2012- A new project investigates the spectacular mammal migration corridor between Ethiopia and the newly independent South Sudan. The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) and the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) have launched the ‘Ecological Networks in Africa’ project, which aims to shed light on one of the largest known migration corridors worldwide.[French]
Inclusive Green Economy Given Go Ahead by Heads of State at Rio+20
Rio de Janeiro, 22 June 2012- The Rio+ 20 Summit ended today with a range of outcomes which, if embraced over the coming months and years, offer the opportunity to catalyze pathways towards a more sustainable 21st century.
New Countries to Start Phase-Out of Inefficient Lighting, with Major Economic and Climate Benefits
Rio de Janeiro, 21 June 2012- A total of five percent of global electricity consumption could be saved every year through a transition to efficient lighting, resulting in annual worldwide savings of over US$ 110 billion.[Portuguese]
New Report Warns Ecological Foundations that Support Food Security Are Being Undermined
Rio de Janiero, 20 June 2012- The world urgently needs to focus on maintaining and boosting the underlying ecological foundations that support food production, which face growing threats from human activity, to help ensure food security for a growing population, a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said.
UNEP Launches Sustainable Transport Campaign at Rio+20
Geneva / Nairobi, 19 June 2012- The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), together with over 20 train, metro, bus, and carpooling companies across Europe, is launching a new campaign aimed at promoting sustainable transport choices among commuters.
Sustainable Water Management is Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits, say Countries
Rio de Janiero, 19 June 2012- Over 80 per cent of countries have reformed their water laws in the past twenty years as a response to growing pressures on water resources from expanding populations, urbanization and climate change.[Portuguese
United Nations and world’s insurers launch global insurance principles at Rio+20 to propel sustainable development
Rio de Janiero, 19 June 2012- Close to 30 leading companies from the insurance industry, worth over USD 5 trillion in total assets and representing over 10 per cent of world premium volume, together with insurance associations from different regions around the world, have joined a UN-backed process to promote a set of Principles for Sustainable Insurance that aim to green the sector and provide insurance tools for risk management in support of environmental, social and economic sustainability.[Portuguese
UNEP Launches Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities
Rio de Janiero, 18 June 2012 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and partners have unveiled a new initiative that aims to reduce pollution levels, improve resource efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs in cities across the world.
UN Opens Major Congress to Promote Role of Law in Achieving Sustainable Development
Rio de Janiero, 17 June 2012 - A major United Nations congress that will promote ways to overcome the legal hurdles faced by many countries in meeting international goals on the environment, gets underway today in Rio de Janeiro.
A New Balance Sheet for Nations: Launch of Sustainability Index that Looks Beyond GDP
Rio de Janiero, 17 June 2012 - The world's fixation on economic growth ignores a rapid and largely irreversible depletion of natural resources that will seriously harm future generations, according to a report which today unveiled a new indicator aimed at encouraging sustainability - the Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI).
New Report Highlights Raft of Inspiring Examples of Transformative Actions by Cities and Local Governments
Rio de Janiero, 16 June 2012 - A raft of transformative and inspiring policies by cities and local governments, which can assist in creating a sustainable 21st century, were spotlighted in a new report released today by ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).
From Financial Bottom-line Advantages to Job Creation and Sustainable Growth:
Rio de Janiero, 16 June 2012 - Businesses making the transition towards the green economy are already reaping rewards worth hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and high return on investment, while benefiting consumers, communities and the environment, says a new report entitled The Business Case for the Green Economy: Sustainable Return on Investment.
From Green Economy for Business to Preventing Future Famine: Highlights of UNEP Press Events at Rio+20
Rio de Janiero, 13 June 2012 - From setting forth the business case for the green economy to strengthening the ecological basis of food security, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and its partners are hosting more than a dozen media launches and events at Rio+20.
Growing Urbanization, Globalization and Weak Governance Major Threats to Environment
Addis Ababa, 7 June 2012 - A fast-growing urban population, globalization and climate change, alongside a need to boost governance, are among the challenges facing Africa if the continent is to put itself firmly on the path to a sustainable future. [French
World Remains on Unsustainable Track Despite Hundreds of Internationally Agreed Goals and Objectives
Rio, 06 June 2012 - The world continues to speed down an unsustainable path despite over 500 internationally agreed goals and objectives to support the sustainable management of the environment and improve human wellbeing, according to a new and wide-ranging assessment coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). [French
Kenya’s Samson Parashina, a Maasai Warrior among Six ‘Champions of the Earth’ Named in 2012 UNEP Awards
Rio, 04 June 2012 - Samson Parashina, a Kenyan Maasai conservationist, Mongolia’s President Tsakhia Elbegdorj, Brazilian banker Fábio C. Barbosa and renewable energy entrepreneur Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber were among six winners of the United Nation’s Champions of the Earth 2012 award, given to those whose actions and leadership have had a positive impact on the environment. [French
UNEP launches Ozone Protection Award for Customs & Enforcement Officers in Africa
Lusaka, 22 May 2012 - The UN Environment Programme, OzonAction/Compliance Assistance Programme today launched an Ozone Protection Award for Customs & Enforcement Officers in Africa.
Ozone Africa Media Award opens to the Arabic speaking journalists
Anjouan, (Comoros)/Nairobi (Kenya), 10 May 2012 - The UN Environment Programme, OzonAction/Compliance Assistance Programme today launched the 2012 edition of the Ozone Media Award for Africa in Anjouan, Comoros. [French
New Agricultural Biodiversity Project to Improve Nutrition and Food Security Worldwide
Rio de Janeiro, 28 April 2012 - Placing renewed emphasis on sustaining the natural variety of crops and animals contributing to agriculture, including neglected yet nutritious traditional foods, can improve food security and address growing global concerns over poor nutrition and its negative health effects, officials said at the launch of a new international project at the World Nutrition Rio Congress 2012.
Greening Africa’s Future - Carbon market actors connect at the 4th Africa Carbon Forum
Addis Ababa, 18 April 2012 - The 4th Africa Carbon Forum (ACF), this year in Addis Ababa, opened its doors today to over 1,000 registered participants from across the globe to foster a discussion on climate change and carbon finance in Africa.
14th Session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN)
Arusha, 10 - 14 September 2012 - First Announcement: Tanzania is preparing to host the 14th session of AMCEN, pursuant to the decision made by African Ministers of Environment at the 13th regular session in June 2010 in Bamako, Mali. As host, the government of Tanzania is working with the AMCEN Secretariat hosted by UNEP to ensure the success of the meeting.
Celebrating Forests for Community Livelihoods
Nairobi, 21 March 2012 - Kenya today joined the international community in celebrating World Forest day. In Nairobi, the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), the Green Belt Movement (GBM) and United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) planted trees at the Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park in recognition of Professor Wangari Maathai’s immense achievements in the fields of environment, sustainable development, peace and women’s empowerment.
On the photo: Mr. M.A.M Wa-Mwachai- Permanent Secretary Ministry of Forest & Wildlife.
UK Government thanked for central role in environmental restoration and peacebuilding in Sudan
Khartoum, 2 March 2012 - The Republic of Sudan is facing serious natural resource challenges in the face of population growth, urbanisation, climate change and the legacy of conflict.
Photo: British Embassy, Khartoum
Cape Verde Vulnerability to Climate Change Chronicled in Landmark Assessment
Nairobi/Praia, 21 February 2012 - Cape Verde presents a dual vulnerability to climate change, both as a small island developing State, and as an arid country in the Africa’s Sahel region, and is already battling with increased pressure on scarce water resources, and more frequent extreme events.
On the photo: from the left, Mr. Mounkaila Goumandakoye Regional Director, UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA, Ms. Amina Mohamed: UNEP Deputy Executive Director and Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ms. Eva Ortet, Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture of Cape Verde, and Mr. Phosun Kallee, Vice Director of Environment of Mauritius.
Smart Public Policies Key to Powering Up Africa's Clean Energy Potential
Nairobi, 21 February 2012 - Opening up energy markets to private sector investment through the introduction of smart government policies will be the key to unlocking Africa's massive renewable energy potential, according to a new report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Nigeria's Ugochi Anyaka Wins UNEP Young Environmental Journalist Award
Nairobi, 21 February 2012 - A radio journalist from Nigeria has won the United Nations Environment Programme's Young Environmental Journalist Award (YEJA), beating over 120 entries from reporters across Africa.
Capacity-building workshop for North Africa and the Middle East on mainstreaming the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB) into national planning and decision-making
Montreal, 17 February 2012 - Understanding the economic value of nature and integrating thios into planning is the subject of a region-wide workshop that begins in Beirut on 21 February 2012. [French]   [Arabic]
Identifying barriers for developing national Technology Action Plans (TAPs) in Africa
Zambia, 14th to 17th February - As part of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project, UNEP and UNEP Risø Centre (URC) facilitated a Regional Capacity Building Workshop in Fringilla, Zambia from 14 to 17 February 2012.
UN Announces SEED Award Winners 2011 With Focus on African Entrepreneurs-Women Win Recognition for Innovative Businesses
Nairobi, 15 December 2011 - From a company that transforms groundnut shells into fuel briquettes in Gambia, to an enterprise that has developed solar ovens in Burkina Faso, to an initiative that trains and employs street youth to collect waste materials in Ghana, which they then transform into handmade designer products, to a business in Kenya where women produce aloe-based skin care products, these are just some the 35 winners of the 2011 SEED Awards, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.
African Youth Tackle Continental Climate Challenges
Johannesburg / Nairobi – 23rd November 2011 - TUNZA Generation Earth Summit and Pre COP discussions kick off today in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Rwanda's post-conflict achievements provide inspiration for green economy transformation
Kigali, Rwanda, 16 November 2011 - A major report released today on Rwanda's post-conflict sustainable development urges the country to build on its rehabilitation efforts and seed more opportunities for a transition to a green economy.
UNEP Africa Announces Laureates of the 2011 Ozone Africa Media Award
Nairobi, 27 October 2011 - The Jury of the Ozone Africa Media award has honored Line Renée Anaba, a Cameroonian radio and TV journalist, for her report “ Course aux frigos, congélateurs et autres commodités: Entre débrouille et protection de la couche d’Ozone” [English]   [Français]
Africa Steps Up Efforts to Address the Challenge of HCFCs Phase Out
Nairobi, 25 October 2011 - About 70 participants including experts from African governments, international organizations and the media are meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe to discuss how best to scale up efforts for meeting the 2013 Freeze target for HCFCs.
UNEP Pays Tribute to Professor Wangari Maathai
Nairobi, 26 September 2011 - Professor Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, founder of Kenya's Green Belt Movement and patron of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Billion Tree Campaign, has died in Nairobi. She was 71 years old.
Environment Ministers to Gather this Week in Bamako to Firm Up Africa's Position ahead of Crucial Durban Conference on Climate Change
Bamako (Mali)/Nairobi (Kenya), 13 September 2011 - Lead African Climate change negotiators and high level experts from about 50 countries are meeting in Bamako, Mali to pave the way for African ministers to consolidate Africa's common negotiating on a comprehensive .... [Français]
Tapping into the Geothermal Energy to Power the East African Region beyond Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya, 2 September 2011 - Ministers and technical experts in Ministries of Energy and/ or Mines from the African Rift Geothermal Development Facility (ARGeo) member countries, are meeting at the UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya for a High Level Geothermal Meeting.
Nairobi Students Selected as Environmental Envoys for Kenya
Nairobi, 10 August 2011 - Two Nairobi students have been selected as Young Environmental Envoys for Kenya by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Bayer, a global innovator enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.
UNEP Ogoniland Oil Assessment Reveals Extent of Environmental Contamination and Threats to Human Health
Abuja, 4 August 2011 - The environmental restoration of Ogoniland could prove to be the world's most wide-ranging and long term oil clean-up exercise ever undertaken..
Horn of Africa Drought Needs Long Term Solutions
The Horn of Africa is in the middle of its worst drought in more than 60 years following two seasons with no rains that have led to crop failures, widespread loss of livestock, and rising food prices in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia and Uganda.
Amina Mohamed Today Takes Up Her Post as Deputy Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme
Nairobi, 25 July 2011- Amina Mohamed of Kenya today formally took up office as Deputy Executive Director (DED) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Statement on UNEP's Ogoniland Environmental Assessment Report
Nairobi, 18 July 2011 - In response to reports mainly in the Dutch media over the past 48 hours, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) wishes to clarify several points.
Ratification of Amendments to the Montreal Protocol: Angola wins the race despite late start
Nairobi, Kenya, 11 July 2011 - Despite its late start, Angola takes a big leap forward as the UN treaty Depositary recently announced receipt of ratification documents for all the Amendments to the Montreal protocol.
African heads of state stress importance of Rio+ 20 for continent
Mal abo, Equatorial Guinea, 30 June 2011 - African heads of state have stressed the need for a common voice on sustainable development in the run-up to next year's major Rio+20 conference. Heads of state and government ministers from 53 states were among 130 participants at a roundtable event.
Statement by Achim Steiner to the Committee of African Heads of States on Climate Change
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 29 June 2011 - Your meeting here today comes some six months before the UN climate convention meeting in Durban, South Africa. And just under 12 months before Rio+20-20 years after the Rio Earth Summit of 1992...
UNEP supports clean-up of toxic waste dump in Sierra Leone
Nairobi/Freetown (Sierra Leone) - 27 June 2011- An environmental and public health hazard for the residents of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, has been contained following the successful removal of 93 barrels of toxic waste from a former oil refinery site on the city's outskirts.
UNEP Launches Ozone Africa Media Award for 2011
Bamako (Mali)/Nairobi (Kenya), 27 June 2011 - The United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Office for Africa (UNEP-ROA) has today launched the 2011 Ozone Africa Media Award in Bamako, Mali. The award was announced at the thematic workshop...
African Countries Accelerate Efforts to Phase Out HCFCs
Victoria, Seychelles, 23 June 2011 Delegates from several English speaking African countries are meeting in Victoria, Seychelles this week for the 17th ozone depleting substances officers’ (ODS) network conference. African countries are embarking on the ambitious plan to phase out HCFCs.
African Laureate of UNEP 20th International Children Painting Competition Announced on World Environment Day
Nairobi, 5 June 2011 - The United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Office for Africa has today declared Monica Adhiambo Arego of the Limuru Girls High School in Kenya, the regional winner of this year's International competition on the Environment.
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's Message for the International Day for Biodiversity 2011
This year's observance of the International Day for Biodiversity falls during the 2011 International Year of Forests, declared by the United Nations General Assembly to educate the global community about the value of forests and the extreme social, economic and environmental costs of losing them.
Amina Mohamed of Kenya appointed as Deputy Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme
13 May 2011 - United Nations Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Amina Mohamed, a Kenyan national, as Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Remarks by Achim Steiner at the Opening of the 23rd Session of the Governing Council of the UN-HABITAT
Nairobi, 11 April 2011 - Theme for this session is Sustainable Urban Development through Expanding Equitable Access to Land, Housing, Basic Services and Infrastructure.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Tours Geothermal Plant in East Africa's Great Rift Valley
Nairobi, 2 April 2011 - The rise of geothermal energy in Kenya's Great Rift Valley was witnessed today by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who toured the Olkaria plant northwest of the country's capital of Nairobi.
Secretary-General welcomes new report on efforts to green the UN
Nairobi, 1 April 2011 - The United Nations has released details of its greenhouse gas emissions for 52 institutions, covering 200,000 employees, in a new report published as part of ongoing efforts to reduce the organisation's carbon footprint.
UN Secretary-General opens new energy-neutral offices in Nairobi
Nairobi, 31 March 2011 - The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban
Ki-moon has officially opened the new offices of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) in Nairobi, Kenya.
UN Meeting Pushes for Stronger Measures to Protect Gorillas
Kigali, 31 March 2011 - An international meeting organized by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP/CMS) called for better enforcement of wildlife law in the ten countries in Africa with gorilla populations.
Media Advisory: Visit of UN Secretary-General to Nairobi
The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, will visit Nairobi from Wednesday 30 March to Saturday 2 April 2011 for a meeting of the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB).
Smart investments needed to tackle drinking water crisis in DR Congo
Kinsasha/Nairobi, 22 March 2011 - The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) possesses over half of Africa's water reserves, yet 74 percent of its population - or approximately 51 million people - lack access to safe drinking water, according to a new study by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Fast pace of African urbanization affecting water supplies and sanitation
Cape Town/Nairobi, 21 March 2011 - Rapid urbanization over the last five decades is changing Africa's landscape and also generating formidable challenges for supplies of water and sanitation services, says a new UN report.
Green Economy and Environment Governance reform backed by world's environment ministers
Nairobi, 24 February 2011 - A major sustainable development conference in Brazil next year offers a key opportunity to accelerate and to scale-up a global transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient Green Economy...
Support for Kenya's Mau Forest Restoration Project Spotlighted
Nairobi, 23 February 2011 - A wide-ranging new partnership aimed at furthering sustainable development in the 21st century was announced today by the European Union's (EU) Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik and UN Under-Secretary-General...
Patricia Okoed-Bukumunhe wins UNEP Young Environmental Journalist Award
Nairobi, 21 February 2011 - A Ugandan radio journalist has won a prestigious new journalism award from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), outclassing entries from over 100 correspondents from across the African continent.
Opening of the 26th Session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum
21 February, 2011 - Remarks by Achim Steiner, UN Under Secretary General and Executive Director, UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

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