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Disasters and Conflicts

Disasters and conflict:

The objective is to minimize environmental threats to human well-being arising from the environmental causes and consequences of conflicts and disasters. Within the existing mandates, vulnerable or crisis-affected countries and communities are being assisted by providing environmental expertise, with particular attention to vulnerable human groups, ecosystems (such as lands contaminated by radiation) as well as emergency response and recovery operations at the sub regional, national and sub national levels. Additionally, upon request from member states, Early warning expertise on environmental risks, environmental data and expertise to mitigate the possible impacts is provided. Some of the interventions are aimed at increased investment in combined disaster risk reduction and natural resource management schemes in the countries, leading to an increase in the percentage of acute environmental crisis identified and mitigated in post-conflict and post-disaster periods. To date, UNEP has responded to crisis situations in more than 5 countries in Africa  with a number of ongoing and completed programmes in the region.

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Disasters and Conflicts

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