Disasters & Conflicts in Kenya

UNEP in collaboration with other UN agencies and government of Kenya have developed an Environmental implementation strategy for the rehabilitation of Dadaab Camps and surrounding refugee areas.

Conflict within and outside Kenya has been responsible for internal displacement and refugee situation over the last 20 years since the collapse of the Government of Somali in 1991.

 Whereas the IDP situation has been temporary and transitory in most cases, the refugee situation has become a permanent feature on the Kenyan landscape especially for the Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee areas.

In terms of disaster, the main trigger has been the erratic weather patterns due to climate change such as heavy floods and prolonged droughts. Heavy floods have presented loss of lives and livelihoods as much as droughts have. Landslides, sandstorms, heat waves, etc have had their toll too.


Environmental Rehabilitation of the Daadab Refugee Camp and its Surrounding Areas
UNEP, in partnership with Government of Kenya, is supporting the development of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Dadaab Refugee Complex. The Plan is being developed through a multi-stakeholder consultative process with financial support from UNEP. [UNEP in Kenya-Newsletter-APRIL 2010]





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