UNEP-Kenya Country Programme (KCP)

UNEP-Kenya Country Programme was established in 2008 with the main purpose of supporting Kenya (UNEP’s host country) in pursuit of technology transfer and capacity building within the context of Bali Strategic Plan. As the programme has evolved, its application has increasingly embraced United Nations Development Assistance Framework - UNDAF.

All UNEP’s activities in Kenya are aimed at supporting the government in its efforts to create and sustain an enabling environment for the promotion of good governance and the improvement of the quality of life and the well-being of the people of Kenya, with a particular focus on the wise-use of the country’s environmental resources and sustainable socio-economic growth.

UNEP-Kenya Country Programme has registered significant landmarks in the following :

Programme Areas:

The United Nations General Assembly has mandated UNEP to provide leadership in addressing issues surrounding climate change. Kenya is an example of a developing country, which has been affected by the impacts and effects of this global phenomenon. [More]

UNEP in collaboration with other UN agencies and government of Kenya have developed an Environmental implementation strategy for the rehabilitation of Dadaab Camps and surrounding refugee areas. [More]

UNEP Kenya Country Programme has played a leadership role to draw attention of the government to focus on rehabilitation of the Mau Forest complex and its Nairobi River Basin Ecosystem. [More]

This theme targets the sensitization of Parliamentarians and Councillors in Local Government in an effort to build and strengthen their capacity and understanding of critical environmental issues that affect ecosystems and urban environments. [More]

UNEP Kenya Country Programme has worked closely with the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources to draw an intervention strategy for the management of the solid waste thrown inside the Nairobi River Ecosystem. [More]

UNEP Kenya Country Programme has worked with Kenya National Cleaner production Centre to promote Resource Efficiency in industry, business and commerce. Significant savings have been realized on energy, water and waste management costs. [More]

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Energy alternative for Mji Wa Huruma 
Energy alternative for Mji Wa Huruma 

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