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Biodiversity Programme

The mission of the Biodiversity Programme at the Regional Office for Africa is to enhance conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, inside and outside the Protected Area systems - including forests, and optimize their contribution to sustainable development, at community, national, and regional levels.

The core areas are;

Every country in Africa has unique biodiversity and valuable ecosystems that are of both national and global importance. Therefore, improved land-use planning at national and local levels should be employed in the conservation process. Existing methods as well as developing and implementing new approaches should be based on:

Further Resources
State of Biodiversity in Africa
(May 2010)
International Day for Biological
Diversity - 22 May 2007

UNEP Resources on Biodiversity

Convention on Biological Diversity

>> Activities in the Programme
Integrating biodiversity conservation in all land-use planning
Developing innovative combinations of traditional and modern productive and conservative systems based on needs of government and other stakeholders
Strengthening the role and capacity of the private sector and local communities to sustainably manage biodiversity

The Regional Office of Africa provides support to the activities aimed at safeguarding biodiversity, sustaining ecosystem processes, and contributing to livelihoods and sustainable development. These invariably include:

Project proposals to build capacity in biodiversity conservation in response to African needs identified in the NEPAD Environment Action Plan and the AMCEN Work plan
Technical support for capacity building projects to enhance implementation of international and related regional biodiversity conventions and processes
Policies and activities which recognize the importance of, and promotes the conservation of biodiversity conservation outside protected areas
Activities related to post-conflict assessment and reconstruction in the context of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management

Protected Areas:

Protected areas play a central role in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. Actions that must be taken to ensure maximum achievement of values of protected areas include:
Advice and technical support to projects by countries in development and management of protected areas
Advice and technical support to governments in biodiversity, protected areas, and eco-systems management and their contribution to sustainable development
Support to the implementation of International Biodiversity Conventions, through for example designating sites comprising: Wildlife Parks, World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves, Ramsar Sites
Involving a wider range of actors among those who initiate and manage protected areas, comprising community and private conservancies
Contributing to processes to broaden understanding of the range of possibilities encompassed in the definition of protected area categories, to embrace parts of the lived-in, agro-ecosystems and landscapes

>> More Activities

For more information on the activities of the Biodiversity Office please contact:

Kamar Yousouf
UNEP Regional Office for Africa,
email: roa.information.officer@unep.org