Industry Programme

The Industry Office under the Regional Office for Africa is an out posted office of UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) which is based in Paris. The Mission of UNEP-DTIE is to encourage and assist decision-makers in government, industries and local authorities to develop and adopt policies, strategies and practices that are cleaner, safer and make efficient use of natural resources; ensure adequate management of chemicals; incorporate environmental costs and adopt environmentally sound technologies; and reduce pollution and risks for human and environment.

The Industry Office promotes the fulfillment of the Division's objectives by providing support to the activities of the Branches and center under the Division within the Africa region. The branches and the center under the Division are: the Production and Consumption Branch, the Energy Branch, the Economics and Trade Branch, the Chemicals Branch and the International Environmental Technology Center.

Activities Include :

For more information on the activities of the Industry Office please contact:

Mr. Patrick Mwesigye,
Industry Affairs Officer,
Tel: 254-20 7624630
Fax: 254-20 7623928
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Compilation of Resources for Business and Industry
(June 2010)

Making SCP Happen:
Implementation Plan for SCP Programmes in Africa
National and Regional Action Plans on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa
Sustainable Consumption and Production Activities in Africa

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